The Best Crystals to Start 2023: Empowerment, Soul Journey & Cleansing

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The Best Crystals to Start 2023: Empowerment, Soul Journey & Cleansing
Say it with me! 2023 is going to be MY YEAR! 

It’s safe to say the last 3 years have been rough for almost everyone. 2022 was such a healing year, full of re-adjustments, recalibration & balancing. As 2023 has arrived it’s time to start to shed the year that was, express our gratitude for this incredible journey on Earth & prepare then sow the seeds for the year ahead! 

If you’ve struggled with achieving your New Year’s goals in the past, don’t be too hard on yourself. Most traditional goal-setting strategies fall short because they are centered around reaching specific outcomes, rather than being manifestation & positive intention based.




The saying “New Year Resolution” is something so very disconnected from the times we live in today. Setting intentions is a practice & ritual that works so well with our Crystals. Setting intentions is a positive mindset that can allow us to move through our year no matter what the setbacks are & without a sense of defeat- but one of achievement for participating, learning & growing.


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Here are some of the themes of the last 3 years!

  • Crystals for 2023 is Empowerment, Path and Cleansing.
  • Crystals for 2022 was Composure, Grace and Grounding.
  • Crystals for 2021 was Surrender, New Beginnings and Transformation.

This year’s crystals are focused on:

EMPOWERMENT to all in our Personal Power.
SOUL JOURNEY to access our true calling & path.
CLEANSING to clear out all that no longer serves us.

You can do anything! Let go of one thing you don’t need right now. Listen to the world with your heart. You’ve gotta believe it’s already yours… that’s the secret of manifestation. Today is the beginning of anything you want.


Here are founder Ashley Bellino's top picks for Crystals to start 2023..

Take your seat right here on the sand  and get ready to breathe in the ocean waves. I am a stone that can take you to the banks of serenity just using the power of your imagination and mind. Think about  your favourite ocean location- Imagine all around you the horizon of sky, water and sand. Feel the warm sun upon your neck and the ebb and flow of the waves. Breath in as they flow towards and then out as they move through you. 
ENCYCLOPEDIA: Turquoise Calcite →

 You must flow. Clear the fog, create harmony and foster intuitive decision-making. Watch chaos turn into calm and find rhythm within mental madness. I will assist you in rapid organisation and processing of information. Place me in a sacred study space, I want to be where the magic happens...where bright ideas are made.


 A whole new world encapsulated within the clearest of Quartz; I represent the magnitude and depth of your capabilities and the strength of your soul. Captivating your gaze with my many mineral inclusions and filling your thoughts with life’s possibilities, I am here to heighten your connection to Mother Earth. Nothing is too out of reach and each of us has the ability to fill the world with love. 


 A collision of radiance and calm; I awaken a guiding light from within.  Ametrine invites confidence from within to conquer your aspirations. You are a creative being.. release unwanted tension and encompass free-flowing thoughts. Use me as a reminder that you can be strong and gentle when you seek your own personal power. 

According to Greek Philosophy, there are 7 different kinds of love. Leave your heart open to discovering new ways to love that you may not have allowed in the past. What you want exists, don’t settle until you get it. Love, freedom, security, happiness, support and wellness are yours in abundance.  I bestow a feeling of brilliance..  The feeling on the inside that emanates outwards shining like prisms of light, sparkling for all to see.
 Emerald is a stone that symbolizes successful love and we can capture those everlasting moments throughout our lifetime. Practice balance, patience and empathetic listening and successful love and friendships will find their way to you. Life is like an echo- what you send out, comes back, what you sow, you reap and if you radiate love, love will find you.
I am a breath of fresh air and reminder to clear your space and invite positive energy in. Be adaptable and free to move in any direction. Now may be a time for a giant leap of faith. Removing energy blocks is sometimes as simple and straightforward as decluttering your aura and allowing for more white space around you. Fortify a castle of serenity and peace; nothing stays the same, everything changes in time.
Grow with me and feel the circle of life. Phantoms are formed when the growth of a crystal has been interrupted, then begins to regenerate again. Life presents us with ongoing opportunities for advancement that disguise themselves as twists and turns along your path. Don’t be fooled, remember growth and healing is not always linear. 
ENCYCLOPEDIA: Green Phantom Quartz →

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A great reminder Ash! I particularly liked the ‘you can do anything’ paragraph. xx


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