Himalayan Quartz

Navigate through the storms of life, my pure energy and spirit comes from the tallest mountains on Earth and encourages serenity and empowerment. Embark on a journey of super cleansing, enhanced transformation and self-discovery. Your guide and teacher, let me lead you to lessons of the heart and soul.

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About Me

Nickname: The Sherpa

Properties: Teacher | Cleanse | Clarity | Journey | Nurture

Chakras: All + Heart + Crown

Zodiacs: All

Rarity: Common

Origins: Himalayas, Brazil, Madagascar and Arkansas

Hardness MOHL: 7

Chemical Composition: SiO2 Silicon Dioxide

Mineral Class: Quartz group


Appearances & Origins

Just like the Sherpa’s of the Himalayas that help navigate people safely through the highest peaks of the Earth, Himalayan Quartz is your ultimate guide on the ever-changing landscape of life. Hand minded high up in the Himalayas only by the locals, this crystal embodies the mood of some of the highest deposits on Earth  (Up to 15,000 ft above sea level). It is known by the people whom inhabit this land whom are very spiritual beings as ‘The Eyes of God’ and is handled with great care and respect. The crystals are then brought back down in small trails in ruck sacks. Himalayan quartz is believed to have the ‘yang’ energies of the mountains within them. It is also found in the highest points of Brazil, Madagascar and in the Mt. Ida ranges of Arkansas.

Himalayan Quartz is sometimes referred to as Samadhi Quartz. This is because the origin of this special crystal type is a place of great spiritual meaning. For thousands of years people have been visiting the Himalayan Mountains to meditate and pray. The goal is to reach a deeper state of oneness, which is referred to as ‘Samadhi’ and this state leads to enlightenment.  The Pink Quartz unearthed from these mountains is said to carry the Samadhi energy within it.

Himalayan Quartz displays as transparent, translucent or opaque; it may be icy white in colour or, more commonly, shades of pastel pinks. They form in clusters ranging from tiny, sparkling points, to large, powerful points. The points often intersect and run in multiple directions, ensuring the energy will fill a space evenly.


Chakras & Placement

While Himalayan Quartz properties can connect to and aid all chakra’s, it specialises in helping to activate the crown chakra. The Crown Chakra is your energetic passageway from your basic consciousness to your Higher Self (aka your spiritual antenna).

Himalayan Quartz will also amplify and recharge the energetic properties of other crystals. By placing your other crystals and even crystal jewellery on a large Himalayan quartz cluster, it will help to clear out stagnant energy and charge them back to their optimum frequency.

Place it in open-plan spaces such as Living and Dining rooms, and watch as beautiful rainbows and positive energy dance around, bouncing off all of the walls. Due to its pastel pink undertones, Himalayan Quartz styles beautifully with most nude/blush, gold and minimal décor tones.

Himalayan Quartz instils clarity of mind to guide you through the many lessons that life brings with the wisdom of a Teacher. Place it in your home, workspace to bring a fresh perspective that will lead you to your Higher Self.

Fresh Water

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salt water

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Sound Cleansing

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smoke cleanse

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sunlight exposure

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