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According to Greek Philosophy, there are 7 different kinds of love. Leave your heart open to discovering new ways to love that you may not have allowed in the past. What you want exists, don’t settle until you get it. Love, freedom, security, happiness, support and wellness are yours in abundance.  I bestow a feeling of brilliance..  The feeling on the inside that emanates outwards shining like prisms of light, sparkling for all to see.

About Me

Nickname: The King Crystal

Properties: Purity | Brilliance | Love | Forgiveness | Abundance

Chakras: Crown

Birthstone: April

Zodiacs: Aries



Hardness MOHL: 

Chemical Composition: 

Mineral Class: 

  • Fresh Water

    Yes (Up to 24 hours)

  • Salt Water

    Yes (Up to 8 hours)

  • Sound cleansing


  • Smoke Cleanse


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