Green Phantom Quartz

I was formed when my growth was interrupted. Rather than wither away, I regenerated. You too can choose to treat the twists and turns along your path as ongoing opportunities for advancement, even though at the time you feel that your dreams have been smashed. I am a reminder that earthly desires are not alway what you need; connect with the higher realms and I will help you manifest the dreams that lead to true growth.

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About Me

Nickname: The Regenerator

Properties: Recovery | Renewal | Earth | Manifestation | Growth 

Chakras: Crown + Heart

Birthstone: October

Zodiacs: Scorpio

Rarity: Rare

Origins: China, India, Himalayas

Hardness MOHS: 7

Chemical Composition: Like regular quartz, the chemical composition of phantom quartz is silicon dioxide (SiO2). The green inclusions are usually chlorite which is made up of phyllosilicate minerals

Mineral Class:Silicates (quartz group) Phyllosilicates (Green Inclusions)


Appearances & Origins

A phantom quartz refers to a crystal within a crystal. The phantom is formed when the growth of a crystal has been interrupted, then begins to regenerate again. Like its name suggests, it looks like a ghost crystal inside another crystal. 

A green phantom refers to a green inclusion inside the piece of clear quartz. This is a different mineral to quart, usually chlorite but it could also occur as Chromium or Caledonite. 

The structure of the phantom can sometimes look like mountains and flowers which is why it appeals to those who work in nature or with plants.

An interesting historical fact about a phantom quartz crystal is that it was used by Gypsies and psychic practitioners in Victorian England as a type of ‘crystal gazing ball’. In looking into the crystal and meditating on the phantom inside, it was known to bring about a connection with the higher realms, particularly spirit guides aso that messages could be coveted from other realms.


Chakras & Placement

Green Phantom Quartz is a crystal within a crystal. When this occurs the energies of the mineral within the quartz synthesise with the energies of the quartz and deliver the properties of both.

Phantom Quartz in general has been known to assist in the transfer of messages from the angelic realms. Not only can it help you access this pure wisdom but it can also help you convey the message you received in a clear and articulate manner. It is therefore a wonderful crystal to use when receiving divine guidance on behalf of others during intuitive readings and healings.

For yourself, this divine wisdom is important when you are wanting to manifest your goals and dreams as it can help discern between the desires which are worldly wants and your true needs which further your spiritual development. It acts as a compass to point you in the direction of those goals that are serving your higher self rather than just feeding unhealthy earthly desires.

Green Phantom has a particular vibration; that of the earth and everything that grows on our planet. That is why it is known as a lucky stone for farmers, gardeners, botanists, florists, herbalists and anyone who works with the plant kingdom.It is also associated with regeneration, so is important at times when nature is in crisis. It can act as a support to all who care for our planet and who work towards healing the imbalances that threaten Mother Earth.

Green Phantom is an aid for those who want to connect with a universal awareness and band together to heal the planet on a physical and spiritual level. 

It is also a wonderful companion stone to plants, as it resonates with the same energy. Therefore, you can use a piece of Green Phantom Quartz in or around your pot plants to encourage healthy growth, and in the case of herbs, it can increase their healing powers. If you harvest herbs for healing, be sure to dry them with a piece of Green Phantom Quartz nearby.

As humans, we too resonate with the energy of the Earth, therefore, Green Phantom can aid our recovery during times of stress or illness or grief. It has also been used by those who are undergoing a detox as any negative or unwanted energy can be channelled into the earth in order to achieve a state of balance.

Fresh Water

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salt water

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Sound Cleansing

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smoke cleanse

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sunlight exposure

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