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A whole new world encapsulated within the clearest of Quartz; I represent the magnitude and depth of your capabilities and the strength of your soul. Captivating your gaze with my many mineral inclusions and filling your thoughts with life’s possibilities, I am here to heighten your connection to Mother Earth. Nothing is too out of reach and each of us has the ability to fill the world with love.

About Me

Nickname: Journey of the Soul

Properties: Meditation | Growth | Journey | Gentle Strength | Soul

Chakras: Third Eye & Crown

Birthstone: None

Zodiacs: All



Hardness MOHL: 

Chemical Composition: 

Mineral Class: 

  • Fresh Water

    Yes (Up to 24 hours)

  • Salt Water

    Yes (Up to 8 hours)

  • Sound cleansing


  • Smoke Cleanse


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