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Draw my sword- Like blades deep into your heart. Loving yourself is the first step to finding happiness within relationships. Trauma in this life, or in past lives, can taint our ability to honor and care for ourselves. I allow you to be kind to yourself, clear negative energy that is hindering your progress and assist you in seeing the good in others. Let me remind you that an ocean of love is there for you when you are ready to take the plunge.

About Me

Nickname: Soothing Sword

Properties: Self-Love | Clearing | Kindness |  Positivity | Emotional Balm

Chakras: Heart

Birthstone: None

Zodiacs: Capricorn

Rarity: rare

Origins: Vivianite has been found in many places around the world, including Bolivia, England, Germany and Mexico. Current deposits are found in Russia and Brazil.

Hardness MOHS: 1.5 - 2

Chemical Composition: Hydrated ferrous phosphate. 

Mineral Class: Phosphates

  • Fresh Water

    Be Careful (a few minutes only) 

  • Salt Water

    Be Careful (A few minutes only)

  • Sound cleansing


  • Smoke Cleanse


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  • - Unaltered and pure specimens are colorless to very pale green. They oxidise on exposure to light (and possibly also under ground) to blue, then darker green, brown, purple and purplish black. Normal periods of exposure to light will cause Vivianite to darken to the color it is typically purchased at (dark green) Continued exposure will sometimes turn vivianite black and opaque so be careful with where you place it.

    - The colour change will not affect the energy your crystals omit, however, keep an eye on them.

    - If you see some colour change that you prefer to avoid, place your stone in a place where there is no direct light and limit its exposure to light or place it under specimen lighting in a cabinet.

Appearances & Origins

Vivianite was named in 1817 after the English mineralogist, John Henry Vivian who discovered the mineral at St Agnes, Cornwall, England. It is also found in many other places around the world. Even though it comes in different forms, it is best known for its appearance as elongated prisms that present as stunningly beautiful  sword-like blades. These prisms are often grouped in rosettes that can split off into all directions.

When vivianite first forms, it is actually pale white or transparent, however, when it is exposed to light it changes colour and turns a rich green.  It can continue to oxidise, turning blue or even deepen to black if left exposed to light for long periods of time. Vivianite develops in sedimentary deposits that are organically rich and contain iron. They can thus be found growing on organic materials such as fossil shells, animal waste deposits, and even on the teeth and bones of decomposing bodies. There have been instances where deposits have been found on human remains when the body has been buried with iron, such as the case in 1998, when the body of a US Serviceman  was found who had been buried in wet soil alongside pieces of the plane, which allowed the vivianite to grow.

Chakras,  Properties & Placement  

Vivianite is an excellent stone for opening up and plunging deep into the energy of the heart. Trauma in this life, or in past lives, can taint our ability to honor and care for ourselves, but it is only with self-love that we can find happiness within relationships. Vivianite’s incredibly powerful love energy can remove negative thoughts, especially about yourself, and clear any energies in your aura that are preventing you from seeing your own self worth or the worth of others. It is truly a stone of compassion, enabling you to treat yourself and others gently, rather than with harsh criticism. It is particularly useful if you work in a caring profession, or for those whose role in the family is to care for others. Sometimes, when we continually give of ourselves, we become drained and experience burnout. This can not only lead to exhaustion but also resentment. Hold a piece of Vivianite in your hand, or use a sword shaped piece to gently ‘draw’ around your aura. This acts as a shield and will protect you from being drained by others in your care. It will nourish you and bring back the joy that you can experience from caring for and giving to others. Vivianite is a wonderful reminder that there is an ocean of love waiting for you when you are ready to take the plunge. Follow its sword like blades deep into your heart and love will freely flow.Vivianite makes a wonderful addition to a crystal collection and must be displayed and  stored carefully. It is not a crystal that is commonly styled within the modern home, but rather used as a sacred tool. Vivianite’s power and shape lends itself to rituals and the healing arts.  A stunning piece of Vivianite will catch the eye and the heart. 

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