Crystal Boxes

For longer than it’s been recorded, people have worn and treasured crystals. For thousands of years, they have been used to enrich our lives. Each crystal has its own metaphysical and healing capabilities that can have a big impact on our life. Crystals can help clear energy blockages and improve the mind, body, and spirit by working with the body's energy centres, or Chakras.

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A crystal box will not only work like any other type of crystal, it will also help to add a bit of luxury and style to your home or office décor. Find the perfect blend of style and simplicity with a decorative and power-boosting crystal box. House your personal items in a safe space the right way by using a crystal box. This can help infuse your items with empowering properties and help give them a recharge and boost of positive energy. We often take these smaller items for granted, but things such as our keys and jewellery like rings and earrings are used and touched by us every day, more so than anything else. 

Crystal boxes also work wonderfully as a safe place to keep your smaller gems and crystals when you’re not using them for meditation or other spiritual practices. This ensures you don’t lose them, or they don’t fall off your coffee table, nightstand or wherever you usually store them. The same goes for your rings and other jewellery items that can very easily be lost if not placed in a safe space. 

Why Onyx? 

Our best pick for the perfect little box is onyx. Our Onyx Ring Box is stylish and unique.

Onyx, we believe, can assist us in overcoming almost every obstacle. Onyx is a peaceful stone with a solid and balanced alignment. Onyx has been a crystal council to many kingdoms for millennia. To protect the most valuable of commodities, they were carved into mementoes, chests, and urns. If you keep your jewellery, keys, or deepest thoughts near onyx or in our onyx ring box, it will charge them with positive energy and stability.

About Stoned Crystals

Our goal is to increase the accessibility of crystals and natural design objects while also demonstrating how they can make a beautiful interior statement in our homes and offices. Even if you don't believe that crystals can bring specific energy to your life, we want to highlight the apparent benefits of using them to decorate our spaces, just as we do with plants and nature.

A crystal box is the perfect place for your rings and trinkets; ring boxes also make the ideal little heartfelt gift for a friend or a loved one. Crystal ring boxes are also an excellent place for anyone looking to get into crystals as they are things you can use every day. They're only small too and can be placed nearly anywhere around your house.

It's this versatility that makes them so lovable here at Stoned Crystals and we would recommend them to anyone to use.