Pink Halite

Allow me to soften your heart and open you to a calm loving energy; let go of everything you have been keeping locked away. Peace descends upon your inner world, and I give you permission to rest. Consider the way you speak to yourself and take action when you need to reclaim your self worth. Deflect negativity and embrace your tender hearted truth.

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About Me

Nickname: ‘Love me Tender’

Chakras: Heart + Solar Plexus

Properties: Positivity | Release | Calm |Well Being | Self-Love

Birthstone: October

Zodiacs: Cancer

Rarity: Pink is rarer than regular Halite

Origins: Pink Halite is found only in Searles Lake, an endorheic dry lake in the Seares Valley of the Mojave Desert, California

Hardness MOHS: 2-2.5 

Chemical Composition: Sodium Chloride.  The pinkish coloration is from pigments (carotenoids) in halophilic archaea and algae that live in salty water.

Mineral Class:Halides


Appearances & Origins

Pink Halite has an isometric crystal system, which is very interesting as the clusters are made up of many small cubes. Despite that, the pieces have a fluffy and ‘rounded’ look to them. The colour is a beautiful warm pink colour, usually more on the opaque side.

It is found in Searles Lake, a dried up salt lake in the Mojave Desert, California. Its unique pink colour is a result of millions of salt-loving halobacteria that produce a red carotenoid pigment. Some become trapped during the halite crystallisation process, which results in the distinctive pink colouring.

Previous to the Earthquake of 2019, permission to collect Pink Halite happened only once a year. It was part of an incredible event called Gem-O-Rama which had been running since 1941. On one day only, called ‘The Pink Halite Sunday Field Trip’,  registered collectors could wade through the brine ponds and collect Pink Halite. This required the use of pickaxes or steel poles to reveal and dislodge the crystal formations submerged below the hard salt crust. Unfortunately, in 2022 the event was declared paused indefinitely. A piece in your collection is therefore likely to be a great investment.


Chakras & Placement

As Pink Halite activates both the Heart and the Solar Plexus chakras, it is an incredibly powerful supporter of self-love; not only encouraging you to feel worthy, but enabling you to take action to make this happen; to choose a way of life that benefits you. This may include eating healthily, exercising, taking care of your body, taking time to rest, giving up unhealthy addictions. It also encompasses choosing study and career paths that suit your capabilities and talents and catapult you to the right path. Attracting and maintaining healthy relationships and staying away from toxic people or people that devalue you is also possible, which includes letting go of any emotional habits that are not serving you. In this way, the beautiful love energy of this soft, pink crystal comes of its own; opening your heart to love on all levels, allowing you to let go.

As you let go, all of those things that make you feel ragged around the edges will be released and a sense of wellbeing will descend upon your world. Your mind is at rest, you are no longer in a state of anxiety. For daily life, this means that you can get on with your tasks without the foggy head. For nightime, this means that you can close your eyes and enter a state of deep relaxation; making wonderful refreshing, rejuvenating sleep possible.

The high salt content of Pink Halite adds another beneficial layer. Salt is from the earth, yet is also what remains of the dried up lake, and so it relates to the elements of both earth and water. This power combination is both cleansing and grounding, allowing you to release negativity while providing stability.  Both of these attributes are vital for supporting health and wellbeing. For those days that you are feeling low, this is a great crystal to keep by your side as it both soothes and uplifts, balancing the emotions, allowing you to release guilt, helping you with decision making and opening up the channels to your innate creativity.

Fresh Water

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salt water

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Sound Cleansing

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smoke cleanse

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sunlight exposure

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Styling Pink Halite

Pink Halite is visually enticing; soft and pink, almost like fairy floss or clouds. In a living room it clears the space as well as sends gentle, loving energy to all those who enter. In a bedroom, place it on a bedside table where its gentle vibes can lull you into a deep and restful state. For your altar or wellness space, it is perfect for cleansing any unwanted energies that may come to the surface during healing work, as well as ensuring that love is the driving force behind all activities. It styles well with neutral or pastel decor and looks beautiful teamed with a candle and/or some greenery. For an elevated position you can place it on one of our crystal claw stands. Keep a piece in the bathroom for its cleansing abilities, and, if you can bear to part with a small chunk, you can use it in the bath as a highly potent bath bomb. The special salts contained in this loving stone are therapeutic to both the skin and the body’s overall health. The beautiful heart vibe of the crystal will combine with the element of water, imbibing your entire mind, body and soul with pure love.