My energy stimulates new and refreshing growth, a clear state of mind. Where there is a will, there is a way. Allow yourself the encouragement you need to take new experiences in your stride and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Let the rocks on your path become the stepping stones to your success.

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About Me

Nickname:“ The Pioneer” 

Properties: New Beginnings | Action | Love | Growth | Transformation 

Chakras: Heart + Throat


Zodiacs: Taurus

Rarity: Fairly easily obtained but high grade Malachite is rarer.

Origins: Many places around the world including France, Russia, Morocco, The Congo, Namibia, Australia, USA

Hardness MOHS: 3.5 - 4

Chemical Composition: Copper carbonate hydroxide mineral

Mineral Class: Carbonate


Appearances & Origins

Malachite presents as a rich green stone with bands of darker greens. The rich green colours are created from copper deposits that lay below where it is formed. The patterns within the crystal can be simple or ornate, sometimes forming into flower shapes. It is usually opaque with a vitreous lustre. 

The use of Malachite has a rich and interesting history. Jewellery items containing Malachite were popular in ancient Greece and Rome. In Ancient Egypt, it was crushed and used in powdered form as eyeshadow.  The Russian Czars used it as ornamentation and panelling in their palaces. In its powdered form, it is also one of the oldest known green pigments to be used in paintings.


Chakras & Placement

Malachite is an excellent stone for growth and transformation as it can bring to the surface any feelings that you may be suppressing. It gets to the heart of the matter and enables you to release any feelings and trauma that may be holding you back. Once these have been acknowledged and released you will find that you can make the changes in your life that are needed to bring you to your true path.This energy can be quite swift and intense, so sometimes it can bring about rapid change. Its power can help you confront the things that you have kept hidden from yourself. Do not be afraid though, Malachite resonates with the heart and it is love that leads us on this journey of change. This might mean letting go of old ways that don’t serve you, moving on from relationships that are no longer healthy or releasing deep seated fears and blockages. 

It is not uncommon if you are working with malachite to have a sudden change in your relationships, career paths and other situations where you were previously comfortable yet unsatisfied. There might be a short and abrupt period of time where facing this change is challenging, but if you hold malachite close to your heart you will get through and feel happier when you come out the other end.   In this new state, you will be a stronger person and ready to take on new beginnings, to bring your dreams to fruition by taking action where necessary. Malachite is a reminder that you are in charge of your own destiny. Because it also resonates with the third eye Chakra, and can strengthen intuition, your transformation will progress further as you instinctively move towards the steps needed to bring about growth. This growth may even be a move towards deepening your intuition and your spiritually. 

For your physical self, Malachite can help bring to the surface the reasons for any dis-ease; physical ailments are often the manifestation of emotional unbalance or a symptom of a situation that is not serving us.

Fresh Water

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salt water

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Sound Cleansing

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smoke cleanse

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earth cleanse & sunlight exposure

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