I am like a party, entertaining you with my mesmerising, ever-changing colours. My sparkling champagne tones are perfect for times when you need effervescent thinking. My pinks, purples and playful greens fill your heart space with lighthearted joy. Then to the golden, orange and amber hues for a boost to your self esteem. I am an exciting companion on your life’s journey.  Wear me with confidence and delight.

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About Me

Nickname: ‘The Entertainer’

Properties: Love | Joy | Past Life Support | Clear Thinking | Confidence 

Chakras: Heart + Third Eye + Crown + Solar Plexus

Birthstone: June

Zodiacs: Libra, Leo & Pisces

Rarity: Natural: very rare, Lab Produced: common.

Origins: Mined in only one place, the Anatolian mountains Turkey

Hardness MOHS: 6.5 - 7

Chemical Composition: aluminium hydroxide with traces of iron, chromium, titanium and manganese

Mineral Class: Oxides


Appearances & Origins

The most amazing thing about zultanite is its ability to change colour in different lights. This phenomenon is called pleochroism. Zultanite is a transparent gemstone from the Diaspore mineral family, which can show the colours yellow/amber, cognac/champagne, pink/red and a lovely kiwi green. Generally, the gem in sunlight is green, in indoor lighting it presents as champagne and in firelight it turns pink.It is the traces of manganese that cause this, and sometimes you can see two colours at once.  

The stone was first discovered in the early 1800s in the Russian Ural Mountains. However, the only remaining source is now a mine in the Ilbir Mountains of Turkey, 4,000 feet above sea level. This mine is owned by a man named Murat Akgun. It is his company who introduced the gemstones to the world in 1997. Technically, the stone is actually Diaspore, but anything that comes from this mine is trademarked as Zultanite, named after the 36th Sultan who ruled the Ottoman Empire of Turkey. Initially the name didn't catch on, and in 2012 it was renamed Csarite. Nowadays, both names are used. 

As natural Zultanite is very rare, it is extremely expensive. Lab created Zultanite is also available on the market and has the same colour-changing effect.


Chakras & Placement

Whether you are wearing a real zultanite or one that has been lab created, you can still benefit from its properties, as it is in the colour changes that the energy resonates. 

Wearing Zultanite brings joy as its ever changing colours are mesmerising: it is simply fun when the phenomenon occurs. More than that though, with each colour comes a connection to a different chakra, leading you to deepen your experiences of both the physical and spiritual aspects of the world around you. 

Overall, the changing nature of the stone reminds us that life is ever changing and instead of feeling unbalanced by change, it is a reminder that change is a part of life and can bring good things if you remain open to what the universe is offering. It also is a reminder to see the world from other people’s perspective as well as your own; there is always more than one way of looking at a situation and having the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes makes for smoother relationships with others.

Individually, each colour can connect you with a different chakra and a different metaphysical benefit. The sparkling champagne tones connect you to the crown chakra and bring clarity of thought as well as an awareness of the higher realms. It is particularly useful for those wanting to improve memory, great for studying or stimulating the mind to help with age related memory loss.

In its purpley phases it resonates with the third eye chakra, great to wear during meditation, particularly if you are wanting to connect with past life experiences.

With the pink and green tones comes a connection to the heart chakra. Tuning into this can fill your heart space with lighthearted joy, opening you to love on all levels. 

The golden, orange and amber hues, resonate with the solar plexus chakra and can boost your self esteem bringing confidence.

Fresh Water

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salt water

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Sound Cleansing

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smoke cleanse

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cleaning & sunlight exposure

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