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Collection: Sound Bowls

Stoned Crystals offers crystal singing bowls with a vegan striking stick. Sound bowls are a powerful tool for spiritual and house cleansing. You can incorporate singing bowls into your healing practice and clear negative energy from yourself, your home and your crystals. 

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Each of our singing bowls are attuned to a certain frequency that corresponds with a major energy centre, or chakra point, in your body. The vibration frequencies that singing bowls create can assist in re-balancing your chakras, as well as any other areas in the body that are out-of-harmony. Singing bowls have healing properties that can restore balance to the body, mind and soul. 

Why do singing bowls work?

Singing bowls are designed to increase focus and awareness. When you listen deeply, you get attuned to the vibrations and move into a heightened awareness and connection to your environment. By concentrating on the vibrations, you find a grounding place in your practice. You will notice that you feel calmer and release stress. 

Singing bowls can work in tandem with other self-care rituals. Burning sage or incense before you start playing your singing bowl will enhance the effectiveness of the sound bowl. The smoke and smudging will clear your space of negative energy, and introduce positive and calming vibes into the space. The singing bowls will relax your body, calm your mind, and guide your chakras into alignment. 

Even if you do not know how to fully meditate, or are just embarking on your journey of mindfulness and wellness, singing bowls will help you navigate this environment more easily. 

How do singing bowls work?

Singing bowls are a wonderful tool for spiritual cleansing and aiding in meditation practice. The tonal range, when emitted properly, has healing properties for your mind, body and soul. 

To correctly use your singing bowl, you can either strike the bowl, or rub the rim with the stick. The friction created by striking or rubbing the rim of the bowl creates vibrations. You can hear the vibrations and if you’re holding the singing bowl, you can feel them too. The more you rub the rim of the bowl, the more vibrations you can create. When you keep the sound going, it creates resonance. Resonance gives you the note you need to balance your chakras. 

Stoned Crystals Singing Bowls Collection

Stoned Crystals has a signature collection of 7 singing bowls and a full set. Each singing bowl corresponds to a different chakra in your body. The frequency that the sound bowl creates has a positive effect on the chakra it was created for. The full set has 7 sound bowls for all your chakras, and will be the complete companion to your journey of sound therapy and healing. Made with high quality crystal, we ensure that our sound bowls would be the best conduits to guide positive energy in your body and space. 

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