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Take your seat right here on the sand  and get ready to breathe in the ocean waves. I am a stone that can take you to the banks of serenity just using the power of your imagination and mind. Think about  your favourite ocean location- Imagine all around you the horizon of sky, water and sand. Feel the warm sun upon your neck and the ebb and flow of the waves. Breath in as they flow towards and then out as they move through you. 

About Me

Nickname: Carribean Blue

Properties: Calm | Release | Serenity | Self-Love | Grace

Chakras: Throat + Third Eye + Crown





Hardness MOHL: 

Chemical Composition: 

Mineral Class:

  • Fresh Water

    Yes (Up to 24 hours)

  • Salt Water

    Yes (Up to 8 hours)

  • Sound cleansing


  • Smoke Cleanse


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