Lemurian Quartz

My unusual barcode markings are believed to be an encryption. Messages detailing a system of knowledge made by a fabled race of highly evolved humans, the Lemurians. A civilisation thought to have sunk beneath the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago. Find spiritual emotional focus, and unlock an ancient wisdom from within you. Delve into the unknown and decode universal secrets.

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About Me

Nickname: Ancient Messenger

Chakras: All

Properties: Visions | Expanded Consciousness | Ancient Secrets | Pleasure | Spiritual Wisdom

Birthstone: All

Zodiacs: All

Rarity: Rare

Origins: Traditional Lemurian Quartz crystals come from the Sierra Do Cabral mountains in the Diamantina region of Brazil, but others can come from all over the world. 

Hardness MOHS: 7

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide 

Mineral Class: Silicates


Appearances & Origins

Lemurian Quartz crystals have distinctive growth lines across one or more of their facets, called striations. These grooves can look like a ladder or bar coding.Traditional Lemurian Quartz crystals come from the Sierra Do Cabral mountains in the Diamantina region of Brazil, but striated quartz can actually be found all over the world. The term Lemurian has become a trade name which includes a range of striated (and even some non-striated) quartz specimens.

The interior of Lemurian Quartz is usually translucent but some can be transparent or even opaque. If there are inclusions of trace minerals, the colour can also vary. The striations are formed by the structure of the crystal and the way it grows as well as environmental influences. One cause of the striation is the convergence of two faces of the crystal where one face overtakes the other. This makes the join between the crystals quite fragile which is why they have a tendency to break off the ‘mother’ crystal and fall out into the cave's floor. Imagine finding these unusually marked crystals, seemingly appearing as if by magic. It is no wonder they are surrounded by folklore.

Legend has it that these cave floor offerings were thought to be seeds of wisdom left by higher beings who belonged to a lost civilisation, Lemuria.

British zoologist, Philip Lutley Sclater, proposed in 1864 that an ancient continent could have existed in the Indian Ocean. He thought that this continent once stretched across the southern Indian Ocean in a triangular shape, connecting India’s southern point with southern Africa and Western Australia. It was hypothesised that this continent sunk into the ocean and he named it Lemuria. Eventually this theory was debunked by the scientific community, but other groups found it intriguing and embraced the idea. Indeed, there are still those in the scientific world that hold theories that this continent could very well have existed. 

Russian philosopher, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, was amongst those who connected with this theory. She wrote extensively about the Lemurians as part of her mystical-religious doctrine known as Theosophy during the 1880’s. She believed this ancient race of people were wiped out during a catastrophic event and yet left behind coded messages in the form of crystals that were found on the floor of caves. The codes contained important messages and were a recording of their system of higher knowledge.

Blavastsky claimed to have attained this higher knowledge from ‘astral clairvoyance’ and based her teachings on this. Her writings were highly influential on Western esotericism and made the myth of the Lemurian race popular. 

To read further about Helena Petrovna you will find a list of her books here:


Chakras & Placement

The people of Lemuria were said to be intelligent, kind and loving beings who worked in harmony with the Earth. Whether you choose to believe that this ancient race existed or not, the message is still highly relevant, especially now when the earth is so out of balance. The crystals themselves vibrate with the Crown chakra which is the source of higher knowledge, so tapping into our own wisdom and that of the divine is possible. They certainly bring about a cool, clear visionary light and can draw the hidden capacities of the brain into our consciousness, expanding our ability for clairvoyance; connecting our mind to our emotions and thus gaining a greater understanding of ourselves, our relationships with others and the world in general.

Once this energy flows freely it is possible to tap into intuitive gifts and therefore can assist those who work as healers. 

They can also clear the aura, dissolving negative energy, renewing the beautiful free flowing energy through the chakra system.

Fresh Water

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salt water

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Sound Cleansing

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smoke cleanse

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sunlight exposure

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Styling Lemurian Quartz

These stunning pieces work well in any space. They can be kept in the workplace where clarity of mind is needed, or in a healing space or altar where their energy can assist with connecting with the divine. Some large Quartz clusters contain lemurian points and these make a stunning centrepiece for the home, workplace or healing centre. They are incredibly beautiful and powerful. They will direct the energy into your space and all those who enter, keeping the energy clear and positive. They style with any type of decor. Smaller pieces can be styled with other crystals or a wire wrapped so that they can be worn close to your body as jewellery.