Never underestimate my power, I might be small but I pack a punch. In fact, I am invincible. Kings and Queens wore me in their crowns because I can activate the crown chakra, enabling spiritual insight and visions. In this heightened state manifesting love, freedom, security, happiness, support and wellness are all possible. I bestow a feeling of brilliance…  The feeling on the inside that emanates outwards shining like prisms of light, sparkling for all to see.

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About Me

Nickname: The Invincible

Chakras: Crown, Heart, Third Eye

Properties: Invincibility | Brilliance | Amplification | Power | Insight 

Chakras: Crown, Heart, Third Eye

Birthstone: April

Zodiacs: Aries

Rarity: Rare 

Origins: Natural diamonds have been mined in 35 countries. The ones that tend to lead the world in mining and production are Russia, Botswana, Canada, Angola, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Namibia. There are also very active mines in Australia, Brazil, China and South Africa.

Hardness MOHS: 10

Chemical Composition: Carbon

Mineral Class: Native Element


Appearances & Origins

Diamonds were created millions of years ago, formed due to volcanic eruptions and the ensuing extreme heat and pressure to the Earth's mantle. They can be found in deposits of kimberlite underground, as well as in sand, gravel or even in rivers. To extract one carat of diamond might mean processing 5 tonnes of kimberlite, or sifting through 20 tonnes of sand!

Diamonds are the hardest of all minerals and therefore can cut through any other material which is why they are processed for industry and used in grinding and cutting tools. These are called industrial grade diamonds. 

For jewellery, highest grade diamonds are cut and polished, and it is the clear diamond that is preferred for its brilliance. However, diamonds also come in many other shades. 

Because they are the hardest substances known, diamonds will cut through any material. Other minerals cannot scratch a diamond. Consequently they are used in cutting and grinding manufacturing processes. These are known as industrial grade diamonds.

In our culture, we associate a diamond with the engagement ring because of its dependability and the idea of an everlasting bond. Throughout history however, the diamond is associated more with divine power. Kings and Queens were believed to be the conduit between man and the divine. They therefore wore diamonds in their crowns to help channel divine guidance in order to govern the realm.

In many cultures, diamonds have been worn by leaders to symbolise strength and invincibility, and there are historical records of diamonds being worn to protect the wearer against evil spirits and other dangers such as poisons and fire.


Chakras & Placement

The Greek origin of the word diamond means ‘invincible’. Indeed, at 10 on the Mohs scale, it is the strongest known crystal and therefore incredibly durable. Its clarity is also exceptional and so it is known for its brilliance. The associated energy is just as durable, just as strong and just as brilliant.  

It is known to help you cut through the fog, bringing clarity of mind and a clear insight into your life’s purpose. It can cast light upon, and bring foresight and strength, to help with the manifestation of dreams.

Its intensity means that it can amplify other energies, so that thoughts become clearer and stronger; emotions become infused with light energy, making everything more sparkling. It may be small, but it is powerful: packing power for punch.

For a gift, as a symbol of love, it is perfect because the diamond can amplify the love bond and maintain an indestructible, brilliant relationship. In the past it was probably more symbolic of purity, virtuousness, love and fidelity. In our modern world, it is more about being your brilliant self which in turns, brings about brilliant relationships.

And this means it does not only pertain to loving relationships with others, but also about your relationship with yourself and the higher spiritual realms. In attuning to the crown chakra and the third eye, the high frequency of the diamond can stimulate your ability to receive guidance, opening the mind and the heart to new possibilities, encouraging you to seek the light within and radiate the light outward.

Fresh Water

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salt water

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Sound Cleansing

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smoke cleanse

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sunlight exposure

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