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Ganesha Brass Sphere Holder (Medium)

Ganesha Brass Sphere Holder (Medium)

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This stunning Ganesha is made from pure Brass and is an authentic Tibetan made Treasure from Nepal. Only true chosen Tibetan Artisans have the authority to make and produce these types of goods. 

Ganesha is known as "The Remover of Obstacles", bringing Goodluck and is one of the best known deities in the Hindu Pantheon. He is son of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction and his consort the goddess Parvathi. Several myths detail his birth and acquisition of the elephant head. If you are doing any type of work Ganesha can be placed to assist you. He is also seen as the patron saint of the arts, sciences and known for his intellect and wisdom. 

The History of Ganesha

A popular story about Ganesha’s birth begins with the goddess Parvathi, who is lonely and in need of someone to stand guard on her castle. Thus, she creates a son from clay and ghee. One day, Parvathi goes to bathe, asking her son to stand guard. While she bathes, Shiva returns only to be prevented entry by the young son he had yet to  meet. Angered, he cut off his head and went to find Parvathi. Soon realizing what he had done, Shiva searched and returned with an elephant. He placed that head on his son, naming him “Ganesha” or “lord of the elephants.” He then decreed that he would be the remover of obstacles, always worshipped first in any ritual. 


Please note that this Ganesha will only hold strictly the following sizes:

550g-750g or 7-8cms 


3 Steps for Crystal Care Natural & Unique


Holder: 16cm x 20cm x 10 cms Sphere Sizing Guide: 550g-750g or 7cm-8cm

Quality Guarantee

Stoned Crystals Collections reflect the highest A Grade Quality crystals. Ethically Sourced from all over the world and cut by our Stoned Crystals Lapidarists.


Stoned Crystals can be identified by the diamond transparent logo located at the base of our stones. This logo is assurance of it being a genuine Stoned A Grade Quality crystal.

Styling & Placement

Crystals not only look beautiful when styled but also offer us a natural and unique centrepiece to any living space that promotes balance and calm.

Read our blog post about crystal styling and our three-step, no-fail formula to display your stones with style.

Hand Purveyed

Our Founders travel extensively across the world hand purveying each and every one of our crystals. Ashley & Jeremy attend Gem Shows and visit the mines to ensure the know the quality and as much as possible about the supply chain and conditions from which our crystals come from.

Live Shows & Crystal Concierge

We have a team of Crystal Stylists and Experts that are known as the Stoned Crystal Concierge. If you would like a closer look at a crystal on our website please send us message in the Live Chat.Our Live Shows run almost daily ( Except for Friday) via Instagram. If you are interested in choosing the exact Crystal you would like as if you were in our flagship store, the best way to do this is to shop virtually! Our Live Show Hosts give the best crystal and styling advice through an immersive experience from the comfort of your couch. Check the Instagram stories for the time and click the countdowns to be notified when we are going live!

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