The Top 4 Scientific Healing Properties of Shungite (Part 1)

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The Top 4 Scientific Healing Properties of Shungite (Part 1)

My first experience with Shungite Harmonisers was something out of the ordinary. We were on a sourcing trip at a Gem Show and amongst the hundreds of tents we found a stall with tables stacked with black and copper crystal cylinders and balls. The supplier introduced us to his products, talking in a deep Russian accent about what they were and how this black crystal Shungite had unique scientific and energetic properties. Continue reading to find out more about the four most pertinent scientific healing properties of Shungite.



“We were asked individually to sit with our legs uncrossed, hold the Harmonisers in our hands, and just focus on the sensations. For 5 minutes each, we sat and just felt. Directed to focus on the space between my eyes, I experienced the most incredibly gentle flow of energy go through my arms to the crown of my head, bringing a beautiful state of mindfulness and connection to the world around me. Meditation made easy which I generally find hard to come by… and just like that my mind had de-cluttered.” Stoned Crystals team member, Jessie Lopes


The Top 4 Scientific Healing Properties of Shungite


Said to be over 2 billion years old, Shungite has been used for its incredible healing and protective properties since ancient times [1]. Most commonly found in Karelia, Russia, Shungite was traditionally used by Russian soldiers to keep with them to assist with healing wounds and for purifying water.

Shungite is a stone that is typically made of 98% pure carbon [2]. An important feature of Shungite is its inclusion of a type of carbon known as ‘fullerene’. When fullerenes were first discovered in Shungite in 1996, it was the first time this molecule was ever found to exist in nature. The scientists that made this discovery even won the Nobel Prize for this important discovery.

According to a 2013 study from International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research [3], the purification and detoxification abilities of shungite lie in the porous chemical structure of fullerene. Due to this, it is able to draw out contaminants that come into contact with its surface. This enables this mineral to be able to absorb high amounts of contaminants and kill off harmful bacteria. The exciting opportunities in the multitude of applications that shungite has in water-treatment, water purification and other industries has outstanding potential on economic, environmental and personal levels!



EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) radiation is emitted from many common electrical appliances such as mobile phones, WiFi routers and televisions. The Fullerenes within Shungite have a very strong form at a molecular level that attract and neutralize the negative elements that subtly attack our bodies on a daily basis (such as EMF radiation). 

Humans are essentially bioelectrical systems, as our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. Therefore environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with our fundamental biological processes. Such negative effects may cause sleep disturbance, impaired mental functioning, and potentially more chronic diseases.

In turn, this imbalance that is created by our interaction with EMFs can be brought back into equilibrium by a carbon-based stone such as Shungite. By using Shungite as a protective and re-balancing tool, it may minimise the harmful and largely unknown effects of EMFs from the devices we use on a daily basis.



In the 21st century, we live in a world where we are constantly exposed to unseen elements that emit harmful frequencies that can throw our bodies out of equilibrium. The term ‘Geopathic Stress’ covers the relationship between the Earth’s energies and their effect on people’s well-being. Geopathic stress relates to often unknown underground formations that can affect how humans feel living above!

The vibrations that are emitted by these various Earth energies, can lower a person’s resilience and ability to fight disease. For example, if your bed is placed above an underground water channel, your body can unconsciously sense this and be trying hard to keep its basic balance all night, affecting sleep and healing. ‘Both EMF and geopathic stress can cause your body to vibrate at higher frequencies than normal which can cause immune disturbances.’ (Madeleine Lewin- In-house Naturopath)

Shungite is a useful tool in alleviating the effects of geopathic stress due to the natural geomagnetic properties it exhibits that neutralises the effects of such high frequency and microwave frequency electromagnetic radiation. By restoring equilibrium to our bodies with shungite, it allows the body to focus on healing and restorative processes and reduces the risk of disease.



Bringing about a Yin (feminine/moon) energy, Shungite is best utilised when paired with a Yang (masculine/sun) energy of the same shape and size. For this reason, harmonisers come in pairs so as to balance Yin and Yang energies. When two ancient high-vibrational stones work together they run a current of subtle energy throughout the body to revitalise and bring it back into alignment and harmony. Use harmonisers as a master-cleanse whenever you need to release heavy, negative, or stagnant energy from your system.



A friend and psychologist once told me that the very principle of mindfulness is using sensory stimulation (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell) to override anxiety.

‘I am a very tactile person and crystals are beautiful organic objects that when picked up or gazed into release the mind from the more mundane and automatic reactions we have to almost every object we pick up these days.’

Stoned Crystals Founder Ashley Bellino explains Crystals and Mindfulness

Combine this mindfulness technique with the healing properties of Shungite and this stone is a force to be reckoned with.

“The only way we can change our lives is to change our energy – to change the electromagnetic field we are constantly broadcasting. In other words, to change our state of being, we have to change how we think and how we feel.”

International author and lecturer on Mindfulness and Quantum Physics, Dr Joe Dispenza

By changing the state of your inner-world (or mind) you can then begin to change the state of your external world. This is why, here at Stoned Crystals, we advocate so strongly for mindfulness, meditation and energy balancing practices such as working with Shungite harmonisers.


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