How to Choose Your Shungite Harmoniser (Part 2)

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How to Choose Your Shungite Harmoniser (Part 2)

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Have you been wanting to begin using Shungite Harmonisers, but not sure where to start or which set to use? We’ve broken it down to make it much easier for you! There are six strength levels available in Shungite Harmonisers, each level having its own unique stone pairing (often seen with Steatite, Copper, and Charoite, among others). Everyone has their own unique response to crystals and it is important to consider your personal sensitivity to crystals when choosing your set. Continue reading to learn more about each stone pairing:

Choosing a Set

Are you new to meditation and/or crystals? 

If you are new to meditation or working with crystals, we recommend starting with one of the first three levels of Harmonisers. We encourage you to consider the following things when choosing your harmonisers;

  1. How do you naturally take on the energy of people and the things around you?
  2. Which specific stone set appeals to you most, either energetically or simply the properties or colours of that set.
  3. Which stone set appeals to you physically in regards to the shape and/or size?



Cylinders provide a direct, tight focus – almost like a crystal point! The energy begins in the Yin cylinder in your left hand, traveling up through your arm, swirling around the body, then making its way down the right arm to the Yang cylinder.

“I love the cylinder shape for its ability to get straight to the source of imbalance.”

Jessie Lopes – Stoned Crystals Team Member

Spheres provide a more open and even energy flow and are particularly tactile. In addition, Sphere Harmonisers are a more affordable choice which makes a great option for those seeking a higher level harmoniser within their budget.



The size you choose really depends on your personal preference in terms of physical weight of the harmonisers and your hand size. The size of the pair you choose does not in any way affect the energy it emits. If you desire something a little more weighty and grounding, the larger set will provide this.



Levels 1, 2 + 3
The lower levels provide a beautiful, grounded energy. It feels supportive, cleansing, and gently aligns you. 

Levels 4, 5 + 6
The higher levels can increase in intensity and provide a deep and thorough healing. This elevating and expanding energy brings blockages to the surface and aligns your auric field as you work to release them. 

“Both myself and Maddie did a wonderful meditation, led by Stoned Crystals founder Ashley Bellino, testing each of the Harmoniser pairs one by one. Starting with level 1 and working our way up to level 6, we were able to experience each level’s intensity and feel it in its own unique way. After our session we came together and talked about our experiences”

Jessie Lopes – Stoned Crystals Team Member
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