Styling the Monochrome Home

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Styling the Monochrome Home

Monochrome decor is a sophisticated way to style a modern home. Rather than being a short lived fad, monochromatic decorating is timeless and effective, creating a stylish aesthetic in your home. Monochrome can mean a black and white interior, or a restricted palette of black and white including anything on the greyscale. Black and White (which is technically called achromatic) and greyscale decor are currently the most popular, as they are a great base on which to build. 

Accessorising with Crystals is the perfect modern touch, replacing ornaments with nature’s natural sculptures. Black and white crystals in particular are a favourite as they style well in all spaces. It is essential to use a variety of textures or finishes to layer the monochromatic space. You can layer with smooth, polished obelisks, towers, spheres or carvings, or add a natural and undulating texture with raw crystals such as a statement cluster or slab.

5 Black Crystals and their meanings 

You can place a black crystal against a white backdrop. This not only pops visually but also fills the space with a calm and protective vibe. It is a constant reminder to pause and reset, to take a moment out for mindfulness. 


1. OBSIDIAN: ‘The Reflector’

Chakras: Base
Properties: Insight | Change | Detox | Protection | Release 

I am here to provide you with a clear reflection, highlighting flaws and giving insight into oneself. Well known in Game of Thrones as ‘Dragon Glass’, I am in fact a lava rock, made of volcanic glass. My properties are associated with bringing about change and release. A detox for your soul, a powerful cleanse, I cut through negative thoughts showing you how to use your inner power for greater good.

2. BLACK TOURMALINE: “The Bodyguard”

Chakras: Base
Properties: Earth | Protection | Truth | Shield | Good Luck

A legendary bodyguard. Place me in an area where darkness creeps in and I will protect and repel negative energy. In times of fear, frustration and anger, I will surround you like a shield. Feel the ground beneath your feet; nurture, stability and good luck will find you on your path.

3. GALAXY AMETHYST: ‘The Night Sky’

Chakras: Third Eye + Crown + Base
Properties: Insomnia | Protection| Intuition | Sobriety | Calming

Fall into my inky depths and lose yourself in my myriad of glittering points. I am like the night sky, infinite and powerful. In my universe you can let go of your inner turmoil and rest. Wake from your deep sleep and connect to your higher consciousness and in doing so I can support your desire to resist addictions. 

4. HEMATITE: ‘Smooth Operator’

Chakras: Base
Properties: Success | Grounding | Protection | Technical Knowledge | Mind 

When you feel like the world is spinning in reverse and you can’t quite get your feet on the ground...visualise traction. A stone for bulletproof plans, smooth moves and sharp focus that leads to record success. Put me in a place where you get down to business; I am a rock for complicated work and technical jobs. May I remind you to create the space to think with direction, take pause between tasks and dissolve reactivity.

5. SHUNGITE: ‘Your Protective Partner’

Chakras: Base
Properties: Purifying | Detox | Positivity | Balancing | Protection

Your very own natural connector to mother earth, become protected and grounded with the beautiful Shungite. Free mental clutter and sink into the feeling of clarity, personal power and spiritual balance. Say goodbye to negativity and feel the earthly embrace of Shungite.


    5 White Crystals and their meanings

    Similarly, white crystals look amazing on a black surface. Once again, this high contrast creates drama and balance. White crystals tend to be cleansing and calming, so they are perfectly placed in the home where you wish to create a relaxing vibe or to lighten up a dark corner.


    1. CLEAR QUARTZ: ‘The Master Crystal’

    Chakras: All + Crown
    Properties: Purify | Focus | Positivity | Patience | Amplify

    Purify your mind, I will make things clear to you... My gift is patience and focus. Look at things from a new and positive perspective, free of judgement. Find the silver lining and make peace with your actions and words. I have the ability to amplify the properties of all stones and enhance your awareness.

    2. WHITE ARAGONITE: ‘Pure & Patient’

    Properties: Centering | Patience | Purity | Serenity | Creative Expression
    Chakras: Base + Third Eye + Crown

    My purity is the gateway to an easy flow of energy. With me by your side anger and intolerance are forgotten, allowing you to enter a stress free state; a perfect preparation for mediation or creative practices. 

    3. CALCITE: ‘The Stone of Rejuvenation’

    Chakras: All
    Properties: Radiance | Nourishment | Motivation | Soothe | Cleanse

    Heal and allow yourself to cleanse from within. I am a soft and dewy stone with the gentle nudge you need to discover your best self. With your permission, I will give you the motivation to begin a radiant rejuvenation. Sweeping away negativity and turning it into positive thoughts, I will nourish the soul and soothe pains of the heart.

    4. APOPHYLLITE: ‘The Nurturer’

    Chakras: Heart + Third Eye + Crown
    Properties: Universal Love | Anxiety | Reflect | Peace | Rise

    Iridescent and versatile. I bat for universal love and the advancement of humanity. An elixir for the Heart Chakra; I bring a light energy, guiding you to intelligence, introspection and growth. Like a beautiful wild flower, you must focus on the sky. Be strong enough to rise again, tough enough to weather the storm and open enough to flourish even in the darkest places.

    5. SELENITE: ‘Angel’s Wings’

    Chakras: Crown
    Properties: Clearing | Awareness | Peace | Transformation | Flexibility

    I am a breath of fresh air and reminder to clear your space and invite positive energy in. Be adaptable and free to move in any direction. Now may be a time for a giant leap of faith. Removing energy blocks is sometimes as simple and straightforward as decluttering your aura and allowing for more white space around you. Fortify a castle of serenity and peace; nothing stays the same, everything changes in time.


      Black and white crystals can be styled together to create a ‘flow’ of energy. Use a platter or slab as your base then add a tall crystal, such as an obelisk or tower, then team with a sphere or a cluster to connect everything together.  

      Other tips to style black and white crystals:

      • Place a black or white statement piece in your entrance way or in a central place in your home. In our current collection we recommend an Obsidian Sphere, a Clear Quartz Skull, an Icy Himalayan Quartz Cluster or an Apophyllite and Black Chalcedony Cluster.
      • Place smaller white or black clusters and carvings on a coffee table, bedside table and other surfaces. In our current collection we recommend small or large obsidian spheres, galaxy amethyst clusters, and our Black Hex Obsidian Geo Gem.
      • Place a tower or obelisk on a bookshelf, a countertop or in your entrance way or style with other crystals in a group. In our current collection we recommend White Aragonite Towers, and Black Tourmalinated Towers.
      • Use Selenite Candle Holders in places where you like to burn candles.
      • Use our Clear Quartz or Black Agate Crystal Crush platters to display or store things, or as a base for a crystal flow


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