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Heal and allow yourself to cleanse from within. I am a soft and dewy stone with the gentle nudge you need to discover your best self. With your permission, I will give you the motivation to begin a radiant rejuvenation. Sweeping away negativity and turning it into positive thoughts, I will nourish the soul and soothe pains of the heart.

About Me

Nickname: “The Stone of Rejuvenation”

Chakras: All

Properties: Radiance | Nourishment | Motivation | Soothe | Cleanse

Birthstone: None

Zodiac: Cancer

Rarity: Common

Origins: Many places around the world. 

Hardness MOHS: 3

Chemical Composition: Calcium Carbonate

Mineral Class:Carbonates

  • Fresh Water

    Be careful (few minutes only)

  • Salt Water


  • Sound cleansing


  • Smoke Cleanse


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  • - Direct sunlight may cause Calcite to fade or become brittle. Limit exposure to strong sunlight to a few minutes and keep in dappled light or in shade.

    - The colour change will not affect the energy your crystals omit, however, keep an eye on them.

Appearances & Origins

Calcite is a carbonate mineral and is found in many places around the world. In its crudest form it presents as limestone, which is reflected in its name, being a derivative of the Greek word chalix, meaning "lime." Limestone is used as a building material and is also crushed for use in many other industries including the manufacture of cement, road construction and farming where it is used as a soil conditioner. It can be clear or white and also comes in a multitude of colours depending on the impurities and other minerals present in its composition. 

One of its well-known properties, birefringence, or double refraction, was first described by the Danish scientist Rasmus Bartholin in 1669 and involves the splitting of a ray of light into two rays when it passes through the crystal. When viewing objects through a piece of calcite they appear doubled. Iceland Spar, the clearest of Calcite, is actually valuable for optical equipment because of this.

From a crystal collector's perspective, it is the coloured varieties of calcite that are valued as an ornamental stone. Because it is relatively soft, only 3 on the Mohs scale, it is often carved into ornaments and even lamps.

The crystal structure of  calcite is hexagonal-rhombohedral, and splits into beautiful pieces, with a glossy lustre and a marvellous sheen, sometimes quite uniform in shape.

Chakras, Properties & Placement

The many different types of calcite exhibit slightly different characteristics as they contain different minerals that create the colour. Therefore, the properties vary, but overall this crystal is an excellent stone for cleansing and rejuvenation.

The energy flow of calcite is extremely interesting. It is directed inwards towards the centre of the mineral, separates and then returns outwards at double the intensity. This means that it is an amplifier of energy so that when you connect with your own energy vibrations it will increase the potency. This is why it is such an amazing cleansing stone. The different coloured calcites placed on the appropriate chakras will gently clear away negative energy, removing blockages and restoring the chakras to alignment. In this way you are wonderfully rejuvenated, allowing a calm and clear flow of energy. You will feel nourished and motivated to move forward striving towards your best life with an easy flow of joy. 

Below are the different types of Calcite and the slightly different focus of their properties.

  • Blue Calcite

    Chakras: Throat & Third Eye

    In addition to the properties of Calcite in general, Blue Calcite is known for its gentle blue spiritual light, which is especially useful for those sensitive to the energy of others. It assists with creativity and dream work. It is a great companion stone to writers and artists as it can clear creative blockages. It is also good for helping you to understand how your words and thoughts can impact your life, transforming these into positive affirmations rather than self imposed negative prophecies.

  • Clear Calcite (Iceland Spa/Optical Calcite)

    Chakra: Third Eye

    In addition to the properties of Calcite in general, Optical Calcite assists with communication, especially when having to have ‘that difficult conversation’. It is a reminder of ‘double meanings’, so gives you the ability to see things from more than one point of view.

  • Green Calcite 

    Chakra: Heart

    In addition to the properties of Calcite in general, Green Calcite is cooling and gentle on the heart. It clears the heart chakra of stress and can soften the heart to open more fully to divine love. In this way, it fosters forgiveness, removing resentment and grudges; releasing buried emotions that are causing ‘dis-ease’. It is a great crystal for tuning into nature, plants and animals. It can bring fresh energy into a space, especially during winter.

  • Honey Calcite (Golden Calcite)

    Chakras: Base, Solar Plexus and Third Eye

    In addition to the properties of Calcite in general, Honey Calcite is a reminder about the sweet side of life; that joy is available to you in abundance if you open yourself to it. Like a sugar hit, Honey Calcite can bring a boost to the intellect, perfect for those who need to be alert for long periods of time, such as shift workers or those studying for exams. It is a great stone for concentration and at the same time relaxation. It enables you to stay calm when taking action so that you can get the job done without the stress.

  • Mangano Calcite

    Chakra: Heart 

    In addition to the properties of Calcite in general, when you know things through the heart you have the ability to experience the deep joys in life, as well as deep sorrow. This stone is one of empathy and so it allows you to put yourself in another's shoes, to have a knowledge of how others are feeling. This is a great gift and thus this crystal is a great support to those who work with others who are ill or experiencing trauma.

    It is also the perfect stone for releasing emotional blockages and trauma, doing so gently and calmly rather than hysterically. It is also perfect for calming conflict, particularly between parents and children. IN placing a piece under the pillow of both parties it will assist each one seeing the others point of view; the absolute key to conflict resolution.

  • Orange Calcite

    Chakras: Sacral & Solar Plexus

    In addition to the properties of Calcite in general, Orange Calcite is a great support to the physical body as it gets the energy moving, especially for the flow of creativity and sexuality. This physical action can lead to the lifting of depression and an infusion of joy.  It is wonderful to help you get a stalled project happening as well as for seeing new solutions to old problems. As well as healing things from the past, especially in regards to shame.

  • Rose Calcite

    Chakras: All

    In addition to the properties of Calcite in general, Rose Calcite fosters a great compassion for yourself and others. It is a stone of unconditional love, whereby you accept yourself and others without judgement and release anything from the past that prevents you from feeling this. In opening the heart you are able to feel an intense appreciation of the beauty of simply being alive and everything that life entails. Beauty is everywhere, simply open your heart and you will see it. In this state, you are a vessel, ready to receive the gifts of love and fertility, and the ability to take the necessary action to make these gifts manifest.

  • Turquoise Calcite

    Chakras: Throat + Third Eye + Crown

    In addition to the properties of Calcite in general, Turquoise Calcite is a great crystal for relaxation. It can take you to a place of deep peace, enabling you to release all that is causing stress and anxiety. It can support those with depression and leave you feeling refreshed.

    As a stone that resonates with the throat chakra, you can also use it to assist with communication and self-expression. It is particularly useful in the workplace or in a study as it also helps with mental clarity and can stimulate the intellect.

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Different types of calcite work differently and so therefore the styling also varies. Rhomboid pieces of calcite look wonderful next to your computer in a  workspace, whereas pieces carved into towers or spheres work anywhere where you want to bring the energy into the space.

Generally Calcite is a crystal that styles well with other crystals to create a visual and energetic flow. You can place it on a slab or a mirror, or display it with plants and books.

Calcite that has been carved into bowls are statement pieces and look stunning in an entranceway, a living room or in the centre of a kitchen bench or a dining table. Similarly, lamps made from Calcite are incredible as they light up the space both visually and energetically. They style well in both living rooms and bedrooms.

As the colours of Calcite are relatively muted, all types will work with neutral, pastel or gold tone decor.

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