I am a conduit between your earthly desires and the divine. I can open the heart and allow energy to flow from the lower chakras, related to the body and our physical desires, to the higher chakras that link us to the divine.  It is our burning desire that transforms our spiritual ideas into a reality. Allow me to support you on this quest. Remember that within everyone is a divine spark and that expressing love, and showing compassion, honours the spirit.


About Me

Nickname: The Heart’s Conduit

Properties: Love I Divine Spark I Desire I Awakening I Transformation 

Chakras: Heart, Crown, Third Eye, Solar PLexus

Birthstone: None

Zodiacs: Virgo and Capricorn

Rarity: Rare

Origins: Brazil, Canada, Poland

Hardness MOHS: 7

Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide, hexagonal crystal system

Mineral Class: Quartz


Appearances & Origins

Prasiolite presents as a gorgeous green to yellow stone that can vary in colour, size and clarity. The larger the stone, the lighter or the less intense the green colour. At 7 on the Mohs scale, it is durable and therefore highly suitable for jewellery or continued handling.

First discovered in Poland during the early 19th century, Prasoilite’s name is derived from the Greek words "prason" and "lithos," which mean "leek" and "stone”. Some call this stone Green Amethyst, but in fact once amethyst is no longer purple, it is not then classified as an amethyst. Prasiolite does start out as a type of purple amethyst, but its colour is changed by heat. Naturally occurring Prasiolite is formed by exposure to volcanic thermal activity. Prasiolite can be made by artificially heat treating amethyst, but this has to be done in a very specific way.


Chakras & Placement

Prasiolite is formed through exposure to the energy of fire; this transformation is a metaphor for what this crystal can help us achieve: through our burning desires we can bring our spiritual ideas into our everyday life. We can recognise that everyone has within them a divine spark. It acts as a bridge between the lower chakras, that are related to the body and our physical desires, and the upper chakras which are related to the divine. The passage over this bridge is through the heart chakra. Prasiolite acts as a conduit, like a lightning rod, linking the energy in order to link the human self with the higher self. 

As this energy opens the heart, links you to the higher self and yet keeps you grounded, it is a great stone for supporting the clearing of emotional patterns that are not serving you. In turn, it allows you to accept yourself and show compassion to others. It is a reminder that the giving and receiving of love is the most important spiritual act. 

Fresh Water

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salt water

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Sound Cleansing

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smoke cleanse

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sunlight exposure

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Styling Praisolite

Prasiolite’s fresh yet soft greens style beautifully with neutral decors as well as interiors that link the outside to the inside through the use of plants or internal garden spaces. Placing it in a bedroom or a central place in the home invites the love energy to flow easily. It is also a wonderful addition to your sacred space or wellness centre as it acts as a conduit between the earthly and the spiritual and helps to keep the practitioner grounded when working in the higher realms. 

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