Create a Custom Keepsake.. a treasure that lasts forever!

The STONED JEWELLERY CORNER is the first of its kind. Choose your very own gemstones and have them made up and set into special piece with an Australian Jewellery Designer.

Before our founder Ashley Bellino started Stoned Crystals she had a jewellery business. This concept is an ode to where she came from and what had her discover the brand in the beginning.Β "I was looking for crystals to set into my jewellery and it was then I started to research and discover what crystals were all about. It completely captured my imagination and awakened my inner child."

For her first brand she had her jewellery made off shore. The designs didn’t always work out as planned. Jewellery often broke and didn’t last the distance. The Jewellery Corner is an offering that delivers unique, custom designs that match up our customers with designers to make a special treasure that lasts FOREVER!Β 

The kinds of pieces we hope for you to create are the type that are handed down for generations becoming keepsakes. The mix of ethically sourced stones alongside a sustainable business model that sources local talent touts our small Australian Businesses and Makers as the true stars.