The Best Crystals to Start 2022: Composure, Grace & Grounding

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The Best Crystals to Start 2022: Composure, Grace & Grounding

As 2022 takes its grip and we start to come into clarity with the new year, you may begin to start asking yourself .. What will this new year hold for me? Every year we have an opportunity to reflect on the year that was and are given the opportunity to make positive changes as we go forward seeking the fruits of our labour.

This is often called ‘Setting Intentions’ or ‘Manifestation’.



The saying “New Year Resolution” is something so very disconnected from the times we live in today. Setting intentions is the practice and ritual that describes what we do with our Crystals. Setting intentions is a positive mindset that can allow us to move through our year no matter what the setbacks are and without a sense of defeat but one of achievement for participating, learning and growing.


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The last 2 years have been extremely trying times for almost everyone. We have been met with crisis, isolation, sickness and loss as well as some pretty spectacular rainbows (that’s the stuff that comes after a storm or in crystal speak comes from an immense amount of pressure which internally cracks the crystal resulting in refraction of light into rainbows.) The rainbows are our strength, bravery, growth, persistence and ability to let go and surrender. Last year the theme of Crystals for 2021 was Surrender, New Beginnings and Transformation. 

This year I am calling on GROUNDING to bring us back down to Earth, COMPOSURE so we are attuned and sensitive to our atmosphere and GRACE to remember to be kind to each other. The way you treat other people is the way God will treat you when you stand before him. Your karmic debt is stored away and when the pendulum swings it will manifest into your future. Listen to the world with your heart and it will come back to you 10 fold.


Here are founder Ashley Bellino's top picks for Crystals to start 2022...


Crystals for 2022

LARIMAR Shop here
Calm | Cool | Soothe | Communication | Wisdom
A gift of self-awareness and expression of your highest self, bringing deep peace and protection from negative influence. The ultimate oracle, free your intuition and let your inner power guide you.


Grace | Destiny | New Beginnings | Compassion | Creativity
The Stone of Destiny, Moonstone has an incredible iridescence that lights up your new year with promise and fire.




Renewal | Compassion | Concentration | Mental Clarity | Calm

This stone is here to assist you in rapid organisation and processing of information. Create magic and bright ideas in 2022 with this crystal surrounding you.



    Unconditional Love | Purpose | Inner Peace | Clarity | Earth

    Set your spirit free and break the cycle of past heartbreaks or old templates that may be imprinting on you still today.


    ONYX Shop Here

    Centering | Alignment | Overcome | Decisions | Stability

    A gentle warrior stone, Onyx crystal properties help to get rid of negative thought patterns that stem from toxic emotion.


    MORGANITE Shop Here

    Spirituality | Love | Harmony | Wisdom | Surrender

    Allow me to cleanse you of your stress and anxiety, I bring with me harmony and wisdom. Peaceful and calm, like a sunset over still water, I encourage you to move through life with kindness. Find inspiration and joy in the little things, time is finite.


    PYRITE Shop Here

    Prosperity | Action | Power | Inner Fire | Good Luck

    My perfect energy will inspire positivity and stoke your inner-fire. Like glitter, I am magnetic and remind your inner child that you are abundant, powerful and in charge.

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