The Best Crystals for Beginners

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The Best Crystals for Beginners

Are you a newbie to the magical world of crystals?


So many Stoners (what we call our amazing customers!) have started their crystal journey here at Stoned Crystals. Our main objective is to demystify the world of crystals with a fresh and modern take that makes learning about stones and incorporating them into you life super easy.

Have you found yourself simply drawn to crystals? Do you have an incredible urge to pick them up and collect as many as possible!?

Well it is no wonder why! Crystals are making a comeback and slowly finding their way back to the people. This shift shows people are becoming more aware of alternative therapies and our connection to the earth and its effect on the mind, body and soul. We are craving the raw and organic not only in our diets but also in the things we wear and adorn our spaces with. The rough and fractured texture of crystal is not only an amazing mindfulness and spiritual tool but also really look stunning and luxe in the home. Mother Earth’s natural sculptures! We have for too long filled our spaces with man-made plastics, all kinds of items that often wear badly and offer no real benefits other than cluttering your space with more single use waste.

Just as you feel a magnetic pull to put plants and flowers in your home, crystals offer a natural earthy connection which bring a beautiful energy into the home and can help you to find Zen and Balance.

Have no idea where to begin?

I have put together a list of the 8 best crystals for beginners. I have chosen these crystals for a few reasons.

  • These crystals are a usually easy enough to purchase and aren’t too pricey.
  • They are also the types of crystals you are likely to hear about and you may know someone who has one too! This is always good as you will be able to evaluate and kick around your knowledge a bit which really helps to cement it.


1. Clear Quartz

Purify | Focus | Mind | Positivity | Patience


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  • This Crystal is known as ‘The Master Crystal’ and can also be used to help charge other stones.
  • It is one of the world’s most diverse stones and comes in many different formations so there are heaps of options.
  • Clear Quartz is beautiful and minimal in colour and works well with all other crystals from a styling and healing perspective.
  • Clear Quartz is one of a few crystals which will refract light and bounce rainbows off your walls!
  • Pop it in a light filled space like a window sill or Living Space and watch it literally fill your space with magic and positive vibes.


2. Amethyst

Insomnia | De-Stress | Meditation | Memory | Headaches


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  • One of the most well known stones this baby will help you to de-stress, calm and open up to your spiritual awareness.
  • In sleepless nights it has an energy that will sedate you into lucid dreams. I can protect and keep you safe from harm’s way, negativity and addictions I dispel away.
  • Known as the "Stone of Calm" due to its intense calming properties balancing emotional highs and low. It is especially helpful during grief or loss and is best placed in your meditation or sacred space and bedroom.


3. Rose Quartz

Love | Romance | Harmony | Friendship | Kindness


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  • Rose Quartz is the Mother of all crystals and known as the stone of ‘Love’ and ‘Self Love’.
  • Rose Quartz challenges you to seek youth, peace, beauty, art, music, written word and most of all love. Live from your heart, forgive in your relationships and forget old flames to make way for the new. By dissolving jealousy, bitterness, and guilt I will restore the yin to your yang.
  • Children and Animals have a certain and clear connection and kinship with this beautiful soft pink stone because of its immense warm and comforting energy.



4. Selenite

Clarity | Awareness | Peace | Transform | Flexibilty


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  • Selenite is an interesting looking crystal as it doesn’t have the points or glitter you expect to see in a crystal but forms in a stunning silky tabular or wand like form and usually has has a translucent pearly colour.
  • Selenite is named after the Greek goddess Selene, which is the goddess of the moon. It’s also called the Satin Spar, Maria Glass, or Desert Rose.
  • It is a powerful cleansing crystal and has the ability to clear, protect and shield you energy body and space.
  • Put smaller crystal or tumble stones on top of Selenite to give them a really good cleanse!


5. Citrine

Prosperity | Happiness | Generosity |  Health | Wellness


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  • This golden crystal is renowned for its ability to draw prosperity, abundance and good luck.
  • Citrine is considered the Merchants Stone, so put it in your place of Wealth Creation and ensure you set positive messages and intentions for it!
  • Citrine carries the power of the sun; warm, energising and awakening. Stir the soul into action. Your Greatness is not what you have, it is what you give. Live generously and graciously towards others and bask in the fullness of life.


6. Labradorite

Inspiration | Speak | Transformation | Grounding | Adventure


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  • This is the stone was dubbed the Aurora Borealis by the Eskimo Inuits- and it’s no wonder why! Although it looks dark and moody if you shine it in the right light beautiful flashes of peacock in shades of green, blue, purple and gold glisten through its veins just like the Northern Lights.
  • Put me in the workspace, I am the stone of inspiration and can help to calm an overactive mind.
  • Roll me around, I’m tactile and will keep your thoughts still.
  • The most powerful protector, I awaken a sense of adventure but still grounded cos I’m practical like that.


7. Obsidian

Insight | Change | Detox | Protection | Balance


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  • Technically speaking, Obsidian is actually volcanic glass. Although it has been adorned and used for its protective properties throughout history and by crystal lovers everywhere.
  • Did you know that in Game of Thrones the swords they use to stop the white walkers, ‘Dragon glass’ is actually Obsidian?! A mirror, I provide you with a clear reflection, highlighting flaws and giving insight into oneself.
  • With absolute clarity I will show you and support you through change.
  • A detox for your soul to release imbalances and negative energies.


8. Fluorite

Renewal | Compassion | Concentration | Mental Clarity | Calm


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  • Fluorite often occurs with other minerals, including Quartz and Calcite, which makes it an excellent stone for its overall cleansing and purifying effects.
  • Keep the creative juices flowing by meditating and studying with Fluorite, a stone that gives ‘order to chaos’.
  • You must Flow. Clear the fog, create harmony and foster intuitive decision making. Watch the chaos turn to calm and find rhythm within mental madness.
  • I assist in rapid organisation and processing of information.
  • Hold me in your palm, the perfect meditation tool. I want to be where the magic happens, in a sacred study space, bright ideas are made.
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