Pick a Crystal: What does it reveal about you?

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Pick a Crystal: What does it reveal about you?

Take a moment to clear your mind and take a deep breath.

Some say we don’t choose stones, they choose us.

Look at the 5 crystals above and pick which crystal you are automatically drawn to. Find out below what your choice reveals about you.



Insight | Change | Detox | Clarity | Balance

Obsidian is the stone of Insight and change. If you chose it, it is likely that your unconscious is saying ‘I am ready to break out of negative habits and be happy.’ It does not mean that you are an unhappy person but perhaps a certain facet of your life needs a new positive perspective. You are becoming grounded and are beginning to realize that comparing yourself to others is futile. Like a sudden revelation you can finally see that others are not more fortunate or more lucky than you. Everyone has their own problems to work through, and if you let you problems affect your emotions to a disruptive state those emotions will rule over you. Remember this; What we think or believe about ourselves and the world around us becomes our reality. You will find the willpower to break free of negativity (and perhaps negative situations or people) and embrace peace. This breakthrough is realizing that the only path to long-lasting happiness is appreciating what you have, rather than what you don’t have. –


Chevron Amethyst

Insomnia | De-stress | Meditation | Memory | Headaches 

You seek a deeper understanding, somewhere peaceful to calm your senses and hear your inner voice. Amethyst guides our awareness away from self-centred thought patterns as it lures us to a more spiritual place. Amethyst teaches the lesson of humility and by picking this stone it suggests you are ready to “let go and trust”. Surrender and see beyond the daily grind, cycles and circumstances that so often consume the most of your attention and lead to the least amount of enlightenment. It’s not necessarily that anything is ‘wrong’ with your life, but perhaps you feel it is time to become more true to yourself and trust in your own intuition. Humble yourself so that the powers of the universe can direct you. Have you been feeling stressed and disconnected? Because of its calming mental effect you may be drawn to Amethyst as you have been overworked, overstressed or overwhelmed. It eases anxieties and is one of the best stones to use for tension or migrane headaches.



Confidence | Communication | Intellect | Charisma | New Ideas

Do you feel unsure of your path ahead and crave time to think? As this cloudy stone suggests, your vision may be obscured by the grind of daily life. You may discover when you think about your goals, you are in fact moving successfully towards them. You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward. Spend some time communicating your thoughts and you will find that by voicing our concerns the vibration of our body changes. It allows inspirational thoughts to pop into our head out the blue. If you are beset by fears and worries or just seem to have a mental block meditating with Celestite stimulates confidence and manifests new ideas. Deep down you sense a connection with the ‘other side’, and they are waiting to talk to you and give you guidance.


Rose Quartz

Love | Romance | Harmony | Friendship | Kindness

Time to bring love and fulfilment back into your life! Perhaps you have been feeling down, disillusioned, worried or a little cynical. A seed planted in bad soil will not grow, and our personal seeds of love will shrivel if we plant them in soil that lacks the nutrients of self love and self esteem. To experience the flowering of love in our lives, we must first love ourselves. If you are simple, loving, open and intimate you create paradise around you. If you cannot accept yourself in totality, how can you expect somebody else to accept you? Rose Quartz gently penetrates into the inner chambers of the heart chakra and where it witnesses trauma, it empathizes, understands and promotes the hearts ability to give and receive love. What changes would you make if you believed that you were completely responsible for the presence of love in your life? What friendships would you heal? How would you treat the man who bumps into you on the subway, the receptionist who gives you incorrect change? How would you act if you believed that you were the source of love in any encounter? Enjoy and respect your rose quartz. More than any other crystal, it teaches the lesson that all emotional wounds can be healed, and that the source of love comes from within.


Clear Quartz

Purify | Focus | Mind | Positivity | Patience

If you are attracted to this stone, you are (or are about) to go through a major life transformation. This transformation may be practical, changing the way you live and work, but it can go much deeper. It is about spiritual evolution, energy blockages in your mind and body from past experiences are being untangled and released. As you become wiser you seek to focus on learning what you truly value within yourself and perhaps you are asking for the patience required to figure that out. The process can be unsettling, as we often initially become more aware of what you don’t want, rather than what you do want. Clear Quartz is attracted into ones life to facilitate that particular persons growth of awareness. By picking this stone you are unconsciously looking for a beacon of light that will help to show and guide your way.

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