Crystals for March

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Crystals for March


The first few months of the New Year can be a slow start…we’re getting back into routine, finding our feet on a new path for the year ahead or maybe still just recovering from the holidays? For some, March is truly the start of the year and brings on a lot of change. This is the month of 2022 where we have no planets in retrograde! For this transition, working with crystals and surrounding yourself with their energetic vibration can help inspire the change or intention you are setting yourself for the future.

Transition Periods of March

Momentum: Arfvedsonite

For the beginning of March, focus on setting your intentions for the month ahead, and allow the power of Arfvedsonite to help drive your momentum and make waves to achieve your goals. 

This crystal is all about manifestation. The key to working with the vibrational force of a crystal and the power of your mind, creates a union that is able to provide the energy above and around you with more momentum to achieve success, for whatever it is that you aspire. 

Incorporating the crystal into your life:

For the crystal for manifestation, we recommend keeping this crystal in your space where you practice your mindfulness meditation. Whether it’s holding it in your hand or sitting in the space where you focus on what you want, this is a great way to incorporate it into your life!


Transformation: Moldavite & Lodolite

Once we start making way into the month of March, we begin to activate the work we have put into setting our intentions and making actions toward our goals!

Remember change is not always a visible thing! You will not always see the benefits right away, because it is happening in the energy field around you first before it comes to visible fruition! Do not stop the work you are putting toward your goals. 

During this period, we recommend keeping Moldavite & Lodolite close. 

Moldavite is the crystal of utter transformation. When you want to invite change into your orbit, Moldavite will be the force that pushes you in the direction you’re supposed to go in – even if you didn’t know it!

Lodolite is the crystal of journey and growth. With Moldavite to help ignite the change, Lodolite will be your gentle supporter to help you grow and stay on the path of your growth. 

Incorporating the crystal into your life: Keep Moldavite on your person with Moldavite jewellery. There is a powerful connection between crystal and skin contact to heighten the vibrational energy of the stone. Whether it’s rings, bracelets, necklaces, whatever you prefer! 

With this in mind, keep a Lodolite Sphere close when you are meditating or journaling to focus on your growth and your journey. 



Gentle Strength & Stability: Onyx

In this final chapter of March, this is the time to hold strong to all the work you have put into yourself and your goals over the last few weeks. Now is the time for the final push on staying dedicated and motivated on your intentions that you set for yourself at the start of the month. 

These last two weeks are all about Onyx. 

Onyx is the stone of alignment, stability and gentle strength. It’s all about centering yourself as the centre of your universe, focusing on your goals and your needs before anyone else's. You cannot help others if you do not help yourself!

Keep Onyx close for these two weeks to remind yourself that strength already exists within you, and Onyx is only here to bring those qualities you have to the surface. 

You are as strong as you tell yourself you are!

Incorporating the crystal into your life: Integrate the gentle strength of Onyx into your home or workspace by incorporating Onyx Lamps & Bowls into your space. Their ambiance and gentle support will give a nurturing energy in the space. 


Crystals for your Sign

Fire Signs: Moldavite

(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)


Big changes are coming for you, Fire Signs! This is a very exciting time and Moldavite is your chosen crystal to go on this journey with you! Having Moldavite by your side will inspire change that you need, that you may not even know yourself! Trust in the process, trust in Mother Earth and in the knowing that they would not send you in a direction that you are not meant for. 

Air Signs: Arfvedsonite

(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Now is the time to connect to your higher consciousness, Air Signs! Arfvedsonite is attuned to our Third Eye chakra and encompasses properties of manifestation and protection. Your Spirit Guides are here with you and they will offer you spiritual connection on your journey to ascension. Use this crystal to help open your Third-Eye to see a wider perspective.

Water Signs: Lodolite

(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Journey inward, dive deeply into your soul and focus on your purpose this month, Water Signs! For you, we recommend using this time to focus on your inner journey that you make toward your highest potential. Growth, Journey and Soul Purpose are all heightened by the company of Lodolite. Keep this crystal close to you, work with it and focus on the world that exists inside it. Allow this meditation to take you inward to seek insight on yourself. 

Earth Sign: Onyx

(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

This month is all about stability for you, Earth Signs! While for some it may be the time to take action, or to retreat to the shadows, it is the time for you to plant your feet firmly on the ground and stay strong. You are a pillar of strength, and no matter what obstacles may come to you this month, trust yourself and trust your spirit guides that nothing can knock you down if you don’t let it. 

Crystal Properties


Nickname: The Organisation Stone

Properties: Insight | Connection | Protection | Manifestation | Flow

Chakras: Third Eye + Throat

Allow me to clear the fog and guide you on your destined path. Forge the future of your dreams with me by your side and use my powerful energy to manifest your desires. I will give you the clarity your require to better organise  and structure your world. As a high vibration manifestation stone, I will bring in the light.


Nickname: “Journey of the Soul”

Chakras: Crown

Properties: Meditation | Growth | Journey | Gentle Strength | Soul

A whole new world encapsulated within the clearest of Quartz; I represent the magnitude and depth of your capabilities and the strength of your soul. Captivating your gaze with my many mineral inclusions and filling your thoughts with life’s possibilities, I am here to heighten your connection to Mother Earth. Nothing is too out of reach and each of us has the ability to fill the world with love.


Nickname: “Heaven on Earth”

Chakras: Heart + Third Eye + Crown

Properties: Awakening | Transformation | Connectivity | Release | Love

Emerging from the flames of a massive meteoric collision, I am a stone caused from impact with the earth from great speed and acceleration from the skies above. I may be small but  I am a symbol that great things often come in small packages. Be prepared for endless roads of transformation and connect with the wonders of the universe. Place me close to the heart and when there is suffering know it is not in vain. There will be greatness to follow if you just remember  ‘Everyday I awaken to heaven on Earth.’


Nickname: “Your Gentle Warrior”

Chakras: Base

Properties: Centering | Alignment | Overcome | Decisions | Stability

Overcome with Onyx. I am a gentle stone but my alignment is centred and strong. For millennia, I have been a crystal council to many kingdoms. Carved into keepsakes, chests and urns to guard the most precious of goods. Place your jewellery, keys and deepest thoughts by me and I will charge them with good vibes and stability.

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