5 Daily Rituals for Using Crystals to Instil Mindfulness

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5 Daily Rituals for Using Crystals to Instil Mindfulness

So mindfulness seems to be the buzzword going around these days...but what does it mean and how can we use crystals to help achieve it?

Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of whatever is happening in our lives. By bringing your awareness to the present moment and being able to notice and accept what is happening now without judgment of reaction, we practice mindfulness.

I am a very reactive personality type. It means that if I have a bad experience be it with a partner or with the recipe I am cooking for Christmas dinner I react very instantly without much evaluation.

Meditation & Yoga have been used for thousands of years to cultivate mindfulness. The emphasis of awareness of the breath is something that has really helped me to be able to clear my mind and also trained it to let go. As a result this has gave me about a 5 second window (which is huge for me!) before spitting the dummy when I realise I have completely curdled the milk and we may have no pudding for dessert! However I have practised yoga and meditation for years now and it wasn’t until I began to combine not only these practises but also my other daily rituals with crystals that I feel I really took a turning point.

I'm a very tactile person and crystals are beautiful organic objects that when picked up or gazed into release the mind from the more mundane and automatic reactions we have to almost every object we pick up these days. By placing crystals  in the home and workspace my stones act as constant reminder for me to stay mindful or my thoughts, intentions and actions. We all know that setting your mindset with a positive outlook can return positive life experiences. In much the same way setting crystals with positive intentions is the best way to manifest the things you wish to attract into your life.

My Five Daily Rituals

I have a blessings diary which I write in every morning with one thing that I am grateful for. I hold a crystal in my hand in my morning reflection and set an intention for that day no matter how big or small. You don’t need to have a journal as such even doing this process when you set out your to do list in your diary is a really nice and positive way to start the day.



Keep crystals in the home on the windowsill or side tables in plain sight. Set an intention for this stone and let it act as a reminder; Every time you look at your stone, remember to be mindful and conscious that your thoughts and actions are in line with your intentions.



Use crystals to assist in obtaining a deep meditative state. A stone may be held or placed nearby during meditation and used as a focus object to help maintain concentration. Visualisation of the crystal energy calming you from head to toe is a technique that has proven to be extraordinarily successful.



I like to place crystals at the top and bottom edge of my mat when doing Yoga. They help to make me feel a little more grounded and maintain a clear mindset during my practice.



Have a favourite crystal at work as a ‘worry stone’, massage object or for brainstorming on your desk or even the dashboard of your car. Having a favourite crystal on hand to deflect negative energy is a great way to manage workplace stress, quieten the mind and get creative when brainstorming new ideas.

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