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Crystal Singing Bowl FULL SET w/ Vegan Striking Stick (7 Chakras)

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Clear Quartz

Properties: Purify | Focus | Mind | Balance | Positivity
Chakras: All + Crown



Crystal Singing Bowls are a beautiful tool to cleanse and clear the negative energy around your home, within yourself and from other crystals. It can also be played to induce a deep state of relaxation, ease mental tension, reduce stress/anxiety and assist in balancing energy within the body.

This bowl is attuned to a certain frequency, which then corresponds to one of the major chakra points or “energy centres” of the body. The vibratory frequency that is created, assists in re-balancing the chakra’s and other out-of-harmony areas of the body, mind and soul – hence the commonly used term ‘sound healing’.


  • 1x Crown Chakra 7Singing Bowl
  • 1x Third Eye Chakra 8" Singing Bowl
  • 1x Throat Chakra  9" Singing Bowl
  • 1x Heart Chakra  10" Singing Bowl
  • 1x Sacral Chakra  11" Singing Bowl
  • 1x Solar Plexus Chakra  12" Singing Bowl
  • 1x Root Chakra 13" Singing Bowl
  • Rubber O-Rings for each bowl
  • Clear Quartz vegan striking stick
  • Instruction guide

3 Steps for Crystal Care Natural & Unique

Quality Guarantee

Stoned Crystals Collections reflect the highest A Grade Quality crystals. Ethically Sourced from all over the world and cut by our Stoned Crystals Lapidarists.


Stoned Crystals can be identified by the diamond transparent logo located at the base of our stones. This logo is assurance of it being a genuine Stoned A Grade Quality crystal.


Styling & Placement

Crystals not only look beautiful when styled but also offer us a natural and unique centrepiece to any living space that promotes balance and calm.

Read our blog post about crystal styling and our three-step, no-fail formula to display your stones with style.