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Amethyst Generator 6.14kg

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Amethyst "The Stone of Calm"

Properties: Insomnia | De-Stress | Meditation | Intuition | Gentle Protection
Chakras: Third Eye + Crown
Sun Exposure: Safe
Water Exposure: Be Careful



Amethyst’s calming energy is best placed in the bedroom. If you find yourself wired before bedtime, hold this piece whilst doing a relaxation meditation, and feel yourself released into a state of calm. Style this giant piece with any natural greenery to really make it really pop! Placed upon a mirror and you’ll be able to see all sides of this point really shine.


3 Steps for Crystal Care Natural & Unique


Quality Guarantee

Stoned Crystals Collections reflect the highest A Grade Quality crystals. Ethically Sourced from all over the world and cut by our Stoned Crystals Lapidarists.


Stoned Crystals can be identified by the diamond transparent logo located at the base of our stones. This logo is assurance of it being a genuine Stoned A Grade Quality crystal.

Styling & Placement

Crystals not only look beautiful when styled but also offer us a natural and unique centrepiece to any living space that promotes balance and calm.

Read our blog post about crystal styling and our three-step, no-fail formula to display your stones with style.

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