Tanzanite Gemstone – Pear 1.2ct

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Crystal Type: Tanzanite
Origin: Tanzania
Properties: Soothe | Release | Serenity | Composure | Psychic Ability
Cut: Pear
Clarity Weight: 1.2 carats


Faceted Gemstones

Purchasing faceted gems are a great way to start creating personalised jewellery for your loved ones or even for yourself. Loose gems are a great starting point in creating a unique piece while you’re still on the hunt for a jeweller. Look no further as we promise you the best quality faceted gems possible!


“Allow the veil of judgement to thin and dissolve all self imposed limitations and boundaries. Release old patterns, and fall into your truest self. Move forward with serenity and composure, what’s meant for you wont miss you.”

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