Palo Santo Stick – Ethically Sourced

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Palo Santo is a good alternative to the burning sage of floral bundles if you are looking to do a small cleanse of limited space. As they burn for only a few minutes they are also ideal for cleansing crystals.

  • Air purifying
  • Antibacterial
  • Aids breathing & sleeping
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Relaxing and soothing scent
  • Great Alternative for cleansing crystals that can’t be submerged in water

Smoke Cleanse Your Crystals

Burning sage and other herbs — also known as smudging — is a ritual focused on cleansing the energy in the space around us. One of the most common methods for cleansing crystal is with smoke. It is especially useful with crystals that cannot be submerged in water. The Palo Santo emits a cloud of smoke that can be placed nearby, above, or around your crystals. For more information, read our blog post on “Your Complete Guide to Smudging” here or read our instructions below.

Functionality & Purpose

The process of burning dried sacred herbs, Palo Santo, or other Incense often wrapped together in twine is one that has been practiced by indigenous cultures for thousands of years. The smoke has a direct effect on reducing our stress response and has also been proven to contain antibacterial properties which keep infectious bacteria and viruses at bay. Since smudging is an ancient and ceremonial practice, it’s best to do so with awareness and in a mindful manner.

Natural & Unique

Please be aware as natural ingredients their appearance can vary from the images shown.

How to Burn Palo Santo

  • Always open a window before smoke cleansing, so that all that negative energy has a way to leave the space. Light your Palo Santo stick at one end.
  • Keep a fireproof bowl or surface nearby to catch any embers as the Palo Santo burns out – we have several accessories available that are all ideal objects to use to keep your Palo Santo resting in a safe place. Click here to shop our “smudge & smoke” category.
  • Burn the Palo Santo and hover over your chosen space/crystals to cleanse any negative energy. Keep your focus on setting positive intentions for whatever it is you are cleansing. As the smoke rises into the air picture your intention and imagine the density of negative energy slowly floating away.
  • You can pray or chant and use your hands to guide the smoke. If you are cleansing a space, a good clean may burn more of your Palo Santo but should engulf the entire place including the corners of every wardrobe, bathroom, hallway, and basement.
  • Be careful when inhaling the smoke during your burn as it may aggravate the chest. Wait until the smoke clears a little before breathing too deeply.

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