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‘Let It Go’

A gentle warrior stone, Onyx crystal properties help to get rid of negative thought patterns that stem from toxic emotion. Place your jewellery within these Onyx boxes and the Onyx energy, will charge your jewellery with positivity, protection, release and calm. If you are having trouble letting go of something negative or emotionally debilitating, then this is the crystal for you. Great for overcoming phobias, Onyx will free you from the hurdles of self- doubt and anxiety and guide you to a more enriching existence.



The Boxes are available in both small and large. They differ in colour and pattern but are each true to size. Read the Description below to find out what kind of things will fit inside the box.


Small- 6cm x 5cm x 3 cm (2.5cm internal depth)

Large- 10 cm x 8 cm x 3.5 cm (3cm internal depth)

Click the Description below to find out more about the Crystal Onyx Boxes.

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These Crystal Onyx Ring Boxes are stunning in colour, with soft and dark browns, burnt oranges and lemon curd yellow and mint green flowing through it, they look great styled in any home. The are also known as Banded Calcite. They are handcrafted by our stone cutters perfectly to size and are mesmerising to look at. You just get lost in the detail of them. Both Gold and Silver Jewellery look amazing inside the small and large boxes.


A super effective and stylish way to style your Banded Calcite/Onyx Boxes in the home or sacred space.

+ Ring Box- These will typically fit a few rings and maybe a thin dainty chain necklace or bracelet. Great for safe keeping of engagement and wedding rings.

+ Jewellery Box- The larger box is a good fit for necklaces, bracelets and chunkier rings. They also work well with keys and candies 🙂

+ Each Box is unique in colour array and pattern- If you would like to request a specific color or pattern please leave a note of your preference at the checkout or get in touch with our Crystal Concierge on the LIVE CHAT.



Simply place your crystal onyx boxes within your home and style your jewellery within them. The two different sized boxes look great together and especially when placed with perfumes or candles.


They also look stunning on any of our Crystal Crush range, so that jewellery can be placed inside and hanging out of the boxes onto the platter/tray. Whether it be on one of our crystal crush trays or trivets or on a shelf, these boxes allow you to safely style and keep your mini crystals and any jewellery in the home or workplace.


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