Mirrored Trays

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A super effective way to style and hold your crystals in the home or workplace. Simply place your polished and raw crystal on the tray and style it within your home. Whether it be on top of one of our crystal crush trays or trivets or on a shelf, this tray looks good in most decor and colour themes and allows you to easily style and keep your crystals anywhere in the home or workplace. Pairs well with crystal claw stands to give your crystal an added ‘wow’ factor and enhance their detail.


  • Small Circle: 10cm
  • Medium Circle: 15cm
  • Large Circle: 30cm
  • Medium Square: 15cm
  • Large Square: 30cm

Read below to find out more about these mirrored display trays. 

About Mirrored Trays

What better accessory to style with your crystals, than these shining mirror trays. With their reflective, mirrored surface, no detail in your crystal will be hidden. Mirrors help you to not only enhance the beauty of the crystal’s surface, however, it also allows you to view the underside and edge texture and colours of the crystal without having to lift the crystal up. Available in four different styles, these trays have been a major accessory used at Stoned HQ for styling our crystals. Both tumbles and larger clusters sit sturdily on these trays.

They are modern in style and combined with a polished and thin design, make them the perfect addition to model and display with your crystal babies. Think of these plates as a protector/keeper of the crystals…forever keeping an eye on them and complimenting their stunning detail. The great thing about mirrors is not only are they beautiful, but light also bounces off them and will reflect back onto your crystals.

Dimensions N/A

Circle, Square


Small, Medium, Large

Style & Placement

These mirror trays have many great purposes when it comes to crystal styling and decor. Here are some ideas:

  • Style atop of a book, with one crystal in the centre of the plate and jewellery surrounding
  • Style a candle on top of the plate
  • Style atop a crystal slab, with other smaller crystal tumbles on the tray
  • Use as a wellness altar, styling with Palo Santo or other incense, a mini candle, jewellery or small crystals
  • Style next to plants with your crystals on them
  • Style with a crystal claw stand or sphere stand on top


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