Abalone Shell Crystal Holder


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What better accessory to style with your crystals, than this pearly, palm size treasure. It is the perfect safe haven for smaller crystals and also an amazing spot to rest your Palo Santo while it smokes. It’s stunning colour hues of pinks, blues and greens really compliment lighter coloured crystals and ensure that your display stands out. Think of it as a protector/keeper of the crystals…forever keeping an eye on them and complimenting their stunning detail with its shiny presence.

SIZE: 13cms x 9cms x 5cms

➕Ethically Sourced from South Australia, government quota licensed

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This Green Lip Abalone Shell is a gift from the Sea and a safe haven for your crystals. Doubling up as a beautiful accessory to style your crystals in or beside, it also can be an ideal smudge stick or Palo Santo holder. This Abalone shell is not only a shell, but a bowl. 


This Abalone shell styles well with all crystals and also with smudge sticks and Palo Santo. No matter their colour hue, this abalone shell is a great compact size and is stunning in its metallic shine. It looks perfect when accompanied by small plants and flowers and when styled in natural light. In crystal styling it is important to have the crystal placed between two other items.

These two other items frame the display. This Abalone shell can be used as the perfect minimal and effective inclusion to add to a space when attempting to style a crystal. Place it on the side of your crystal or behind it, so it provides for that silver lining effect. Or style your crystal tumbles, jewellery or other larger crystals within the shell itself. If you decide to hold your smudge sticks in the Abalone shell, rest easy knowing it catches ash and keeps its surrounding mess free.

➕Ethically Sourced from South Australia, government quota licensed




Dimensions 13 × 9 × 5 cm


+ This shell is made to hold smaller crystals, to look good and also protect them at the same time. While sitting still for long periods of time, it will need a slight dust to keep it looking shiny and new. You can even rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly once in a while.

+ Style shell wherever you like, but be made aware that over long periods of time spent in direct sunlight, the shell may become warm and his colour may wear



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