Claw Crystal Stand (Gold)

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A super effective way to style and hold your crystals in the home or workplace. Simply place your polished or raw crystal on the stand and style it within your home. Whether it be on one of our crystal crush trays or trivets or on a shelf, this stand allows you to safely style and keep your crystal anywhere in the home or workplace. The claw stands give the height of your crystal and elevate their energies also.

This stand is available in two sizes. As each stand may differ slightly in shape and size, the amount of grams that each stand can hold differs.


  • Small (Can hold up to 500g)
  • Large (Can hold up to 4.5kg)

*Please note these are estimations and can differ based on the shape of the crystal. If a crystal is more weight heavy on one side, it may tilt.

About Our Claw Crystal Stands

This Claw Crystal Stands is made from Brass. With its minimal metallic design, it is perfect for styling your crystal spheres and clusters within the home and workspace. They have two sized claws, usually standing on the larger side. However, this means that your crystal may be styled either on the smaller or larger side of the claw, depending on its weight and which one it sits better on.



  • Small: 7 x 7 cm
  • Large: 8 x 8 cm



Dimensions N/A

Large Gold Claw, Small Gold Claw

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