Ceramic Hand

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These mini ceramic hands are the PERFECT pal for styling for all of your smaller crystals. Simple, elegant and in a neutral white, they look fantastic wherever they are placed. The perfect styling item to stand up your smaller or flatter crystals to allow all of their natural beauty to be displayed.

These hands are so versatile and can be placed with many different crystals. Some that we know work fantastically are: Wands or Elestial pieces, Small Eggs, Compasses, Hearts, Thumb and Palm Stones, Jewellery and more…!

Display your crystal beauties in this hand placed on coffee tables, some books, on your bedside table or as part of a styling space with some other crystals.

This white hand made from ceramic, makes the perfect stand for any shape of crystal – raw or polished, up to 60g. For certain shapes like crystal eggs and spheres it will hold up to approximately 180g comfortably.

Measurements are 7.5cm from the tip of the extended fingers to the base of the hand, 5cm across the width of the hand, 4.5cm height.

Weight .060 kg
Dimensions 7 × 4.5 × 5 cm

Use to hold and display your smaller crystals, tumbled stones and jewellery.

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