What is Crystal Coin?

Crystal Coin is a ticket and voucher for $1000 of Stoned Crystals products.

The VIP voucher entitles you to virtually source with us via a private group to choose your very own Crystals, Gemstones, Jewelry and other goods on demand.

It is a VIP service and experience totally unrivaled in the Crystal Market where you will get to experience all the behind the scenes of what it’s like to visit mines, gem shows and pick the best crystals before they are siphoned off by wholesalers, middle men, and resellers of all types.

Custom Sourcing

Stoned Crystals reflect the highest A to AAA grade quality crystal hand purveyed from around the world by the Founders Ashley Bellino and Jeremy Le Bard. Ashley and Jeremy head on sourcing trips every year to hand pick the best crystals from Gem Shows and Mines from around the world. Join them on their upcoming trip to custom source your very own crystals direct from the miners and top suppliers!

Tucson Gem Show

This January we will be heading to Tucson Arizona to source a range of Raw & Statement Crystals, Gemstones, Jewellery and Homewares! The Tucson Gem Show is the biggest Gem Show in the world attracting thousands of suppliers from every continent on the planet. Our Founders have been navigating this Gem Show for over 5 years and have amassed a range of techniques and procurement strategies to ensure they get the BEST new crystals and products at the right price. If you have ever considered going to the Tucson Gem Show, be prepared to be awed and but completely overwhelmed. It is no place for a novice, with gem loops across the entire city its easy to get lost and suppliers now have all types of ways to spot tourists and personal buyers to ensure their wholesale margins only go to true bulk buy businesses.

Features & Benefits

By purchasing Crystal Coin 5.0, you will gain access to a private chat via the Stoned Crystals App with our founders Ashley Bellino and Jeremy Le Bard on their sourcing trip and also have access to custom sourcing requests.

We offer 2 groups of 30 Crystals coins each- Customers & Wholesale Customers. Anything you want, we will try to find it for you!

You can expect to see plenty of crystals daily which you'll be able to choose from. We are your eyes in to the biggest Gem Show on Earth and you get to ride on our VIP Buyer Train!