Interior Design Tips for Styling Crystals & Energising Your Space

Computers, devices and other types of technology are increasingly filling our homes. For city-dwellers especially, our small urban nests are becoming overwhelmed with the impersonal screens and devices that are now an essential part of our everyday lives. The key to to integrating tech into our homes is balance, and creating this balance between technology and personality is interior designs latest challenge. More and more, interior designs are turning to crystals as the perfect antidote to tech-clutter. The perfect home accessory, crystals are all-natural and the perfect way to bring positive energy and personality to even the smallest spaces.


A small styled area such as a coffee table or even a bedside table can change the whole dynamic of home, creating a visual focal point to stimulate the senses and create a place that is as stylish as it is personal. Crystals not only look beautiful when styled but also offerus a natural centrepiece to any living space that promotes balance and calm. Keeping a stone at the heart of your home is a constant reminder to decompress and take a mindful moment. But how do you style crystals? Inspired by the key principles of interior design, my three-step, no-fail formula is the perfect way to display your stones with style:


  1. CREATE A BASE: Choosing one or two horizontal items to place on a surface. One perfect example of a base is a coffee table book or a stack of glossy magazines. The reading materials will instantly stamps your personality. If you’re looking for a sleek, minimalist look our gorgeous solid crystals Crystal Crush platters [Click here] are perfect for creating a layer of block colour.

  1. ADD HEIGHT: Once you’ve created your perfect base of horizontal pieces, it’s time to add some height. My go-to is my favourite vase filled with flowers, a frame, or a candle. Choosing something from nature keeps the space fresh and open, and adds to the sensory experience by filling your space with natural fragrance.

  1. CRYSTAL PLACEMENT: You’ve created a horizontal base and a height interest, it’s time to connect them. This last piece is the focal point of the arrangement, it gives character to the space and even guides the whole direction of the room. My go to? It has to be a crystal. Our Geo Gems [Click here] are perfect for the workspace as they are small enough to fit in a nook but chunky enough to be easily seen. (They are also fantastic tactile distraction to roll around in your hand as you brainstorm). If you’re lucky enough to have a light filled space, our Clear Quartz Clearboys [Click here] refract light and create a stunning effect. Our Raw Crystals [Click here]  come in all shapes and sizes and offer a more organic and rough edge.


Still looking for inspo? Check out our Shop and see our styling suggestions. How have you styled your crystals? Don’t forget to share your images and tag @stonedcrystals on Instagram.



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