With the extension of the “circuit-breaker lockdown” in response to a growing Covid cluster in Melbourne continuing for a further 7 days from June 3, Stoned Crystals have enacted some new measures to keep our staff, our crystals, and our customers safe.

We will still be conducting our regular schedule of Crystal Live Sales (woo hoo!)

We are very fortunate that we are able to continue to operate (with restrictions) due to our unique business model. For many years, Stoned Crystals have been broadcasting Crystal Live Sales via Instagram. Operating our business in such an innovative way has, now in 2021, proven to be our saviour during a time when many other businesses are facing difficulty.

We recognise that we are very fortunate to be able to continue operation thanks to our unique business model, but also thanks to our loyal customers for continuing to tune into our Live Sales and sharing our love of Crystals. Every day we are extremely grateful for this. We are also empathetic to the situation at hand, as this can be an extremely tough and challenging time for both individuals and businesses and we hope to bring love, light and well wishes to everyone as we get through this together. A customer of ours, Emma, recently said to us, ‘small moments of happiness are everything now’ (now, officially known as the ‘silver lining’ strategy!) and we couldn’t agree more.

The Stoned Silver Lining campaign is all about finding the positives during difficult times and deepening our connection to ourselves and each other. You can follow along at www.instagram.com/stonedcrystals to allow a little light in! 

Or to find out more about how the Stage 4 restrictions have been adapted at Stoned Crystals please continue below. 

Below we have outlined our COVID Safe Plan, which we here at Stoned Crystals, refer to as our Stoned Crystals Protection Promise. To access up to date information about Covid-19 via the DHHS website please click here.

Stoned Crystals Protection Promise








For any further enquiries relating to Stoned Crystals continued operation during Covid-19, or Stage 4 restrictions, please email our Crystal Concierge team at [email protected]


Stay safe x

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