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Collection: Styling Sets & Packs

Stoned Crystals is proud to present a range of styling sets with thoughtfully arranged crystals that are great for gifts. Our crystals have been handpicked and carefully curated into styling sets for your space. When these sets are given as gifts, they will be treasured belongings for the people in your life. 

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Our crystals come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and sets generally include a combination of two or more of these special shapes. These sets will be an excellent companion to your sacred space and home cleansing rituals. Setting up your sacred space with our curated styling sets creates a beautiful space for your daily mindfulness practice. 

Along with their spiritual benefits, you can display these crystal sets in your home. They come in a variety of natural, attractive colours that can brighten up a room or complement your plants. Our crystal styling sets can be wonderful centrepieces in your home. They can serve as decorative pieces, and every time you look at them, they will inspire you on your spiritual journey. Bring crystal styling sets into any room of your home to bring calming and stabilising energy into the place. For people who are sensitive to energy shifts, these crystal sets can serve as a calming presence. 

Crystal gift sets for each room

These crystal sets are completely unique. Each set is put together by our experts on the basis of their colour and special properties. Crystals of similar colour generally have similar properties, whether it is healing, love, protection, manifestation, or more. Crystals of the same stone or similar colour are matched in one set to amplify their powers. You can place an entire set in one space in your house. Depending on the purpose that each space serves, you can style your crystals in each room for your spiritual practice and aesthetics. 

For your living room, you need crystals that will stimulate a relaxing and positive environment. An excellent choice for your living space is the Prosperity Styling Set. This set is a great combination of our iconic stones: Labradorite, Pyrite and Crystal Quartz. Together, these crystals complement each other’s grounding and protective energies. They will support you in new adventures and bring prosperity and positivity. 

Our Higher Love Styling Set has Pink Amethyst and Selenite. Gentle pink and white are soft colours, making this an excellent display piece. The crystals emit the same kind of quiet, yet powerful energy. Together, these crystals have a positive and peaceful effect on you, ushering in clarity, balance and calm. 

Your bedroom is your retreat from the world and is a place where you can rest. For your bedroom, you need a set that shields you and helps you relax. Our Sweet Dreams Styling Set consists of clear quartz and amethyst. A perfect crystal gift set, this set has rich colours that instantly lift the look of your room. The combination of these crystals brings the smooth flow of pure energies and infuses calmness.

To make sure the crystal sets bring the kind of energy you want, take some time to set intentions and truly activate the crystal with positivity. Stoned Crystals’ collections are made from the highest-quality crystals. They are ethically-sourced and cut. To find out more about our products and crystal gift sets, get in touch with us.

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