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Collection: Large Crystal Statement Pieces & Caves

Stoned Crystals is proud to present a specially curated collection of large crystals and statement pieces. Our collection of large crystals are available as display pieces in the shapes of spheres and clusters. They are the perfect addition to your space, styling it with spiritual intentions.   

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To bring calming and stabilising energy into your space, bring in larger crystals to any space in your home. When your crystals are visually appealing, you will feel more attached to the pieces. They are available in natural beautiful colours that can light up a space, or look great next to your plants. 

We manifest the world we wish to live in by infusing our crystals with positive intentions. Activated crystals remind us to match our thoughts and actions with our intentions on a regular basis. While working with crystals, it is important to be aligned with their vibrations. 

The size of a crystal does not impact the kind of energy it emits. However, it does have an impact on how much energy it releases. Big crystals give off stronger energies. They are suited to more open spaces in your home or in your office.

Large crystals in your home

For people who are sensitive to changes in energy in their environment, large crystals can have a calming and balancing effect. Places, where people pass regularly, have a high flow of energy, and placing a crystal there will provide a stabilising element to the space. 

Our pink amethyst sphere focuses on the heart chakra and inspires feelings of love and emotional balance. The pink amethyst is a special crystal that is known for easing resistance and encouraging smooth flow of energy. And it is a gorgeous display piece for any room, infusing it with a charming pink colour. For gentle protection and bringing in love and light to your space, place the amethyst cluster in your bedroom or a place of relaxation. 

Large crystals in your workspace

Having large crystals in your office has many perks. They add beauty and a splash of colour to your workspace. Along with improving your decor, crystals can have a positive effect on your concentration and productivity in the workplace. Setting intentions with crystals in your workplace can help you manifest your goals and inspire motivation. 

Our Apophyllite cluster is a nurturing force for your work environment. Encouraging reflection, meditating with this crystal cluster will guide your intelligence into growth. Find universal love and the courage to keep rising and going forward with this crystal by your side. 

Stoned Crystals provides a fresh perspective on crystals for your spiritual practices and your space. Our specialists provide exceptional style assistance for these stunning stones, as well as information about how to use these crystals to maximise their potential. All of the collections at Stoned Crystals are ethically and sustainably sourced. You can check out our different products and get in touch with our team for any specific inquiries or requests. 

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