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Collection: Crystal Hearts & Spheres

One of our favourite things about crystals is that you don't have to understand everything about how they work or subscribe to crystal energy in order to give and receive crystals. No matter who you are, crystals seem to always be very well received, especially the beautiful collections from Stoned Crystals. By choosing a crystal for someone, you have an idea of who they are and have chosen a unique and insightful way to show that you care and understand them. Stoned has crystals in all shapes and sizes to fit any budget.    

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Crystals come in different colours, formations and shapes. Each kind of crystal inspires you on your spiritual journey in a unique way. The shape of your crystal does not affect the kind of energy it emits, but changes the way you interact with and receive the energy. Stoned Crystals offers many shapes of crystals that can be incorporated into all your spiritual practices. 

Crystal hearts are one such shape — they represent feelings of love and kindness. The shape represents hearts and all matters love-related, whether it’s self-love or romantic love. Stoned Crystals’ collection of crystal hearts are carved to perfection to connect with the energy of kindness and tenderness. Crystal hearts can bring a sense of peace and harmony to your wellness journey. Depending on your desired energy and what you wish to invite into your life, crystal hearts are the perfect companions to setting intentions and achieving them with love! 

Heart-shaped crystals do not occur naturally. Crystals are cut into this shape so that you can focus your attention on the energy of love and peace that it invites. By radiating this strong energy of love, crystal hearts can activate your heart chakra. 

Crystal hearts for your space

The heart chakra is your centre of love, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. Crystal hearts are the harbingers of positive energies to your heart chakra. 

Bringing vibrations of care to you, these heart-shaped crystals emit energy in a gentle manner. Whether you place them in your living room to elevate the design of your home, or use them during your daily meditation, crystal hearts are bound to usher in vibrations of love and positivity. 

With its soothing energy, Stoned Crystals’ Agate Heart is the stone of all ages that brings stability and harmony to your world in a gentle manner. Available in different sizes to suit your practice, the Agate Heart is the gentle all-rounder that is a perfect companion to those on their healing journeys. 

With its sense of calm, you can grow from within when you meditate with the Lavender Fluorite Hearts. By setting a positive intention, you can manifest the world you want to live in. The Lavender Fluorite crystals add a source of power to your intention. Learn how to set intentions. 

Along with bringing harmony and love to your heart chakra, crystal hearts look beautiful wherever you place them, and will invite a sense of peace and calm to your space. Browse our collection of crystal hearts to welcome the positive energy in your space.

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