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Collection: Smoke & Smudge

Burning sage and other herbs, also known as smudging, is an ancient practice of cleansing and purifying the energy around us. Practised all over the world by indigenous cultures, aromatic smoke released by incense and smudging has been a part of spiritual and cleansing practises for thousands of years. If you are looking to make a positive impact on your physical and spiritual health, we recommend incorporating smoke and smudge sticks in your self-care rituals.

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Stoned Crystals’ collection includes incense sticks, sage bundles and cones and palo santo wood - all powerful instruments to burn in your space and spread cleansing energy around you. This is an ancient practice used to establish a mindful connection with yourself and gain wellness through awareness.  

Sage sticks and bundles

Sage refers to bundles of dried herbs tied together, or cones made with herbs, resins and natural materials. Sage can be burnt to clear the blockage of energies in your surroundings and purify your space. While sage has historically been used in ceremonies and rituals, you can burn sage on your own to cleanse the astral and etheric energies surrounding you. Often, flowers and herbs like lavender, cedarwood and sweetgrass are blended with sage to enhance its medicinal properties and aroma.  Sage is a natural product that can boost your health. Burning sage will create a soothing and meditative environment around you. With the change in energies, sage can reduce stress levels and elevate your mood.  Along with space and spiritual cleansing, sage can cleanse your crystals as well. Sage smudge sticks are especially useful when crystals cannot be submerged in water. When burnt nearby, above or around your crystals, sage can remove any negative energy from your crystals and bring in fresh, positive vibes.

Incense sticks

Incense sticks bring a healing fragrance to alter the energy in a space. With a slow burn, incense sticks bring a natural, non-toxic aroma to suit your moods. Incense sticks can help you increase your awareness in meditation, and complement your wellness and self-care rituals. This gentle aroma purifies your space and guides you towards connecting with the clean energy in your environment.  Stoned Crystals brings you incense sticks in many different scents. Browse through our range to find the aroma that best suits your wellness and mindfulness practices. 

Palo Santo

Like sage, palo santo is a powerful purifying tool that works well with spiritual energy. This tool is used specifically to target and remove negative energy. Palo santo wood comes from the rituals of the indigenous people of South America. Palo santo brings a sweeter and subtler scent to your environment. It can calm your nervous system and increase your creativity. Having it as a part of your daily ritual will give you a committed and unwavering time to relax, unwind, and welcome positive energy. Palo santo wood emits a cloud of smoke that cleanses your space. Like sage, palo santo wood can be used to cleanse crystals as well.  Check out our entire range of smoke and smudge products and dedicated sage cleansing kits here.  Stoned Crystals is a proud supplier of ethically-sourced wellness products. Our collection is of the highest quality and brings you indigenous artisan pieces sourced from their creators in Brazil, Peru, Nepal, India and USA.

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