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Collection: Crystal Slab, Slices & Platters

Stoned Crystals is your home of crystals in natural and specific shapes. A beautiful addition to your home, or an exceptional gift for someone special, crystals are making a return to modern life. Stoned has a range of crystals — every size, type and colour that fits your home and your budget.     

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To modify the energy output of a naturally occuring crystal, it can be carved into various shapes. We can work with it in new ways. A popular crystal type is the crystal slab. A crystal slab or tray can be a wonderful addition to your spiritual journey. Stoned Crystals has a variety of crystal slabs that can be your partner in your path to wellness.

Simply put, a crystal slab is a flat piece of crystal. This shape makes it ideal for meditation and gridding with other crystals. A crystal slab is also a beautiful way of displaying your crystals and other precious objects. Place your crystals on a crystal tray, or create a resting space for your jewellery and place it on your nightstand. A beautiful display reminds you of your mindfulness journey every time you look at it. 

Crystal slabs for your practice

Crystal slabs are a popular choice to assist your meditative practice because they are a representation of the base of comfort that crystals can become. Your crystal slice can be a resting place for your other crystals, to style them or to recharge them. 

Use your crystal slab by placing it on your third eye during meditation (if not too big or heavy!). Doing this will improve your connection with yourself and guide your intuition. Our Clear Quartz slab is one of the best all-rounder crystals you can use to clear your mind. Amplify your focus and bring positive energy in your space. 

You can also place a crystal slice on a specific area of your body while meditating to channel some extra kindness into your body. The Tanzberry Quartz slab will infuse energies of self-love and harmony to your body.

You can use your crystal trays to create a grid. To add another layer of energy to your practice, use our Rose Quartz slab. The Rose Quartz slab will infuse your crystals with energies of love and kindness. 

Crystal slabs in your space

You can incorporate crystal slices into your home and office decor to add sacred beauty in your space. Your crystal slabs can be placed on their own, or you can place objects on top of slices. Place your jewellery on our Pink Amethyst slab. It will look absolutely stunning and radiate love and calmness into your belongings.

You can also display crystal slabs independently. Use our stands to decorate them. Our Fluorite slab exudes calming ocean vibes. A complete stunner, this slab is a reminder of the open waters and its energies of rejuvenation. If you need a boost of creativity and confidence, place our Orange Calcite slab in your workspace. Beautiful rivers of white calcite ribboned within vibrant orange will be a constant source of inspiration and creativity. 

Stoned Crystals is a proud provider of wellness and home decor items that are responsibly and ethically sourced. You can browse through our whole collection of crystal slabs here.

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