Self Care & Rituals

Self care is all about listening to your body and mind. Adopting self care rituals is a way for you to take the time to check in and take stock of where you are and where you want to go. Stoned Crystals is proud to present a collection of self care products that can help you honour your commitments to yourself and recover from the stress and exhaustion of daily life. 

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Stoned Crystals' collection of self care and ritual products are the perfect way to establish a strong connection with your mind, body and spirit, and support your meditative practice. Crystal singing bowls and harmoniser rods, incense and mushroom powders aid your self care practice. You can establish a self care routine for yourself. The aura and vibrations that these tools unleash can make you more aware of and connected to your surroundings. 

Singing Bowls and Harmoniser Rods

Crystal singing bowls with a vegan striking stick and harmonizer rods are available at Stoned Crystals. Sound bowls and harmonizer rods are an effective spiritual and home cleansing tool. You can use them to eliminate negative energy from yourself, your home, and your crystals as part of your healing practice. 

Each of our singing bowls is tuned to a certain frequency that corresponds to one of your body's primary energy centres, or chakra points. Singing bowls' vibration frequencies can help you rebalance your chakras, as well as any other portions of your body that are out of tune. Harmonizer rods are made from Shungite and Amphibolite. They offer yin and yang balancing (feminine and masculine) that can help to bring the body, mind, and spirit back into harmony.

Incense and Sage 

Smudging, or the technique of burning sage and other plants to cleanse and purify the energy around us, is an old tradition. Aromatic smoke emitted by incense and smudging has been a part of spiritual and purifying practises for hundreds of years. Incense sticks, sage bundles and cones, and palo santo wood are all potent instruments to send purifying energy around you.

Incense sticks and sage emit a soothing, natural and non-toxic aroma to fit your moods. This soft aroma helps you connect with the clean energy in your surroundings by purifying your home. Stoned Crystals sells incense sticks in a variety of flavours. Choose an aroma that best suits your wellness and mindfulness routines. The SATYA incense sticks can create a relaxing and pleasant environment for your meditative practice. 

Mushroom Powder

Mushroom powder is a popular superfood supplement. They have a long history of being used for their medicinal properties that support general well-being. Their bioactive components make them excellent supplements that provide numerous health and wellness benefits. They have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, along with many other health benefits. Our popular mushroom powders are the Lions Mane and Chaga powders. Lions Mane has benefits for your brain and improves memory and focus. Chagga boosts your immunity and aids your digestive system. 

These self care products can be used in conjunction with other self-care practices. Before you begin playing your singing bowl, burn sage or incense to clear and prepare the energy in the space. The smoke and smudging will rid your space of negative energy and replace it with happy and relaxing vibes. The singing bowls will help you to relax your body, calm your mind, and align your focus. Incorporating Anima Mundi mushroom powders in your morning cuppa is a beautiful way to round out your self-care practice.

Stoned Crystals is a proud supplier of ethically-sourced spiritual and wellness products. Contact us to learn more.