Polished Crystals

Stoned Crystals has a collection of polished and geometric crystals in freeform and specific shapes.They range in size from little freeforms to heavier pieces. Different crystal shapes and forms can emphasise or amplify the properties of crystals in different ways. If you wish to use your crystals for meditative practice, a polished crystal is a terrific option. You may use the polished freeform crystal to enhance the energy of the crystals in a grid. It is also a great way of displaying your crystals in your home or work space. 

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Difference between Raw and Polished Crystals

Unlike their raw counterparts, polished crystals have undergone a process to smooth them out. Polished crystals are smoother to touch and have a specific shape. The polishing procedure has no effect on the crystals' energetic or vibrational properties. Many people like the smooth, even finish because it feels wonderful in your palm and highlights qualities of the crystals that would otherwise be hidden in the raw form. 

The choice between raw and polished crystals is a matter of personal preference. While some believe that the energy can be varied between raw and polished crystals, both can be used for spiritual and meditative practices. You can incorporate polished crystals the same way into your healing and wellness journey. Polished crystals spheres are great for meditation. Finding two spheres of the same size allows you to roll them around in your hand and concentrate on this task. By using them during meditation, you can connect with a higher state of consciousness and channel positivity and harmony into your life. 

Polished Crystals for you

Meditating with polished crystal is a distinct experience because the silky sensation of the stone can connect you to the crystal energy in a way that naturally puts you in a contemplative state. The crystal can be held in the palm of your hands to help you concentrate through one focal point, or placed on your third eye to increase your state of consciousness. Our polished labradorite freeform crystal is available in different sizes to assist your meditative practice. The labradorite will be a shield for your aura and repel negative energies from your surroundings and within yourself. This gem is available in a combination of blue, green and yellow to enhance the positive and vibrant energies indoors.

Polished crystals can also be used to display in your home. Polished crystals can be placed on their own or combined with crystal slabs to enhance their energies. Our beautiful blue calcite freeform crystal has a wonderful shape and will conduct a smooth flow of energies and calmness to your space. Another way of displaying crystals is to find them in cute shapes that match your decor. Our polished pink amethyst crystals are cut into unicorn and bear shapes that are adorable and will be eye-catchers. By styling the pink amethyst, you can welcome love and acceptance into your heart chakra. 

Stoned Crystals only brings the best quality crystal and crystal products to you. We are proud to provide only sustainably and ethically sourced wellness products. You may view our whole range of geometric and polished crystals here.