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Collection: Crystal Towers, Points & Obelisks

Stoned Crystals takes a modern and new approach to crystals for your spiritual practices and your space. We hope to help this transformation by providing stunning crystals in natural shapes and in special shapes like crystal towers, hearts and spheres. Not to mention, our experts offer excellent styling advice for these gorgeous stones, as well as an understanding of how to use crystals to tap into their potential.  

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Crystals are making a resurgence and are gradually making their way back to the public. One of the best aspects of crystals is that they are timeless. Even if you don’t believe in their energies, they are a beautiful gift. Crystals appear to be quite welcomed no matter who you are, especially the exquisite collections from Stoned Crystals. A friend to your mindfulness journey and a beautiful addition to your home or office, Stoned carries crystals in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any budget. 

Why should you choose a crystal tower?

A naturally-found crystal can be carved into different shapes. This allows us to work with the gem in new ways. One of the most common shapes that a crystal is carved in is the tower. Stoned Crystals provides a range of crystal towers to support your mindfulness journey. 

A crystal tower can take different shapes - you can find them in the form of points, obelisks and towers. Like a column or a pillar that offers support, crystal towers are a perfect representation of base that supports your intentions and offers a specific direction for your intuition. This shape inspires guided motivation in you. Crystal towers are wonderful for enhancing and focusing the energies of a crystal.  

Setting intentions with crystal towers

By infusing our crystals with positive intentions, we are manifesting the world we want to live in. Activated crystals serve as a daily reminder to align our thoughts and actions with our intentions. Crystal towers and points can amplify and give a direction to your energies When you need to increase concentration at work, crystal towers will help you successfully set intentions and guide you into decision-making guided by strong intuition. Our Purple Fluorite point can clear the fog and including them in your mindfulness practice can help you with mental clarity and concentration.  

Our crystals can also be used as the central stone in any crystal grid to provide a focal point during your mindfulness practice. Focus on the tower and visualise positive energies gushing in one direction. A quartz crystal tower is ideal for amplifying properties of other crystals and enhancing your awareness. The master crystal that enhances your focus, a clear quartz tower can cleanse your space. Not to mention, it is the perfect minimalist addition to your home. Palace it near a mirror or near your plants for beautiful stillness.

For your mindfulness practice, crystal towers can have a powerful and protective effect. By using a crystal tower during meditation, you can ground yourself easily. The structure of the tower facilitates a smooth flow of energy. Our Agate tower can provide harmony and stability in your cleansing practice. 

Stoned Crystals is a proud supplier of ethically-sourced wellness products. Check out our entire collection of crystal towers, points and obelisks here. 

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