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Collection: Crystal Necklaces

Crystals have been worn and treasured for as long as we can remember. They have been used to enrich our lives for thousands of years. Each crystal has its own metaphysical characteristics and healing properties that can significantly impact our lives. Crystals can work with the energy centres – The Chakras – in the body to help remove energy blockages to strengthen the mind, body and spirit. Crystal necklaces are a wonderful way to consistently assist us in leading more improved and enriched lives as you wear them close to your heart. A crystal necklace laying over your heart Chakra can improve the ability to love and better connect with others. 

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Discover our exclusive collection of crystal necklaces and pendants created for gemstone aficionados and new crystal users alike. With a beautiful stone necklace, you can enhance your outfits with a natural piece of Mother Nature. In addition, our pendants have stunning crystals set in a magnificent gold, silver, or rose-gold framework, ensuring that we deliver on our promise of quality. So, with our various designs and the gem of your choice, add instant glam and the perfect touch to any ensemble. With our healing crystal necklace, you may satisfy your jewellery addiction. Furthermore, we have the ideal match for any mood, style, and individual personality.

Unique designs

Stoned Crystals houses a beautiful range of crystal necklaces, all handmade and uniquely designed. We pride ourselves on creating gorgeous necklaces, understated, elegant and made to never go out of style. From our Feinwerkk woven necklaces to our Balinese Pearl necklaces, and even our range of Mexican Fire Opal jewellery, you’ll find timeless designs perfect for yourself or a loved one here. 

Please note that while the majority of our online products are 100% natural, we do have a small selection of crystals that have been treated to provide different finishes and aesthetics for our customers. We choose our suppliers exceptionally carefully, and you can rest assured  that any crystals that are treated in any way will be made known to you.

Why wear crystal necklaces?

As natural crystals become more mainstream and better understood, jewels are no longer merely a fashion accessory. Instead, they now have loftier goals in mind. Wearing crystal jewellery also allows you to connect to your inner self and manifest the energy you desire. As each crystal is associated with certain healing properties, allow yourself to invite its intended energy into your world. Our timeless crystal pendants' sleek, streamlined designs are sure to turn heads. Furthermore, our crystal necklaces' beautiful colours and sparkle are a gemstone lover's dream come true. 

Each crystal in our necklace range has been intentionally chosen to provide meaning, healing and possess unique and special properties. Our designs are simple and elegant, allowing you to select a necklace you can wear for any occasion, all day long, helping the chosen crystal’s properties to enrich your life and bring balance to your everyday being. 

Crystals look beautiful when styled and offer us a natural and unique centrepiece to any outfit.

Shop our collection of crystal necklaces below.

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