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Collection: Crystal Jewellery

Crystal jewellery you wear can inspire you in your mindfulness journey and help you form a deeper connection with yourself, whilst looking beautiful and stylish. One of the most exciting parts of having crystals in your space is the creative ways in which you can incorporate them in your daily life. If you want to use your crystals for your spiritual practice, crystal jewellery is a great choice. 

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Wearing Crystal jewellery can be a great way to remind ourselves of the type of properties and intentions we want to bring into our life. Crystal Jewellery is also often worn to balance your energy field and chakras. Different stones correlate to star signs as well as birth dates.   Crystal Jewellery has been worn throughout the ages and will stand the test of time.  Crystals are one of the most beautiful and widely used stones in the world. They carry spiritual meaning and have historical significance. Whether it is in a necklace, earrings or a bracelet, jewellery made from crystals looks gorgeous and is highly sought after.

Crystal jewellery for women

The range of crystal jewellery at Stoned Crystals is truly unparalleled. A specially curated collection, each piece in this range has been handpicked by our experts. The natural beautiful colours of these pieces give them a classic and timeless appeal.

This range has jewellery that goes beyond the visual appeal. This is symbolic jewellery that plays an important role in manifesting your goals and ambitions. By incorporating your favourite crystal into jewellery, you can easily connect to the energy of that piece and carry that energy wherever you go.

For those who like to keep natural gemstones near you, the 39.3ct Amethyst Rose Gold Ring is an incredibly unique addition to your collection. The brilliant purple Amethystcolour is eye-catching and looks extraordinary. This gem encourages calm, mediation and de-stress — a perfect companion. The Clear Quartz Flower Droplet Earrings are an elegant piece where a miniature flower can be found carved into  the gemstone. Clear quartz is the stone of tenderness and these earrings can amplify your femininity. Wear these earrings for the smooth flow of positive energies. 

Bracelets are a terrific way of incorporating crystal healing into your life. The Stoned Maiden Icy Obsidian Bracelet is made from a protective crystal. Setting intentions with this bracelet can help you remove negative patterns from your life. Similarly, the Stoned Maiden Amethyst Bracelet will protect your inner goddess. It offers gentle protection and relaxes your body. 

Crystal jewellery is a powerful tool for enhancing your personal energies. Check out our entire range of crystal jewellery here. We also offer DIY mala bracelet making sets and a custom service wherein our Crystal Concierge team can consult with you to create a jewellery design specially for you. Based on the energetic qualities of the crystals and your aesthetic preferences, you can have a personalised piece where you choose a gemstone and then choose a designer that you resonate with.

Stoned Crystals is proud to supply only ethically-sourced and hand purveyed crystal products and jewellery. To find out more about our products and services, get in touch with our team. 

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