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Collection: Displays, Stands & Decor

Display your crystals in practical and attractive ways for everyone to see.

Elevate your crystals by propping them up on a stand. This way your crystals are on display, with the added benefit that your precious gems will be more physically stable if you use the proper stand.

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Find one here that matches your intention and amplifies that energy message while complementing your house or office decor. With our selection of crystal stands, cases, and accessories, you can make the most of your crystals. You can find display stands, gifts, and marble display trays all right here. These simple accessories make displaying your crystal collection super easy.

Our collection

This range is full of crystal display stands and cases, and we're continually working to expand our selection. This is where you'll want to look if you need a stand for crystal spheres, a case to display small crystals or a crystal stand for those slices or clusters that just won't stand on their own.

We have a superb selection of ball supports for crystal spheres, ranging from the most basic ceramic stands to elegant metal sphere stands. Most crystal spheres will require a stand, but you can choose which one best meets your home design demands within our selection. We have unique designs, sophisticated metal stands, basic metal rings, and much more are available.

Then there are a few other crystal display stand alternatives for crystal slices, raw clusters, and other unusually shaped crystals that require a stand to be correctly displayed and admired. A collection of mirror trays that make lovely display bases is also available from us. For a modern display aesthetic, we also have a variety of other accessories such as candle spinners, keepsake boxes and beautiful alabaster statues. 

You'll also see our stoned incense tower, which is an excellent alternative to submerging crystals in water for purification. The Stoned Incense Tower is made of soapstone and comes in a variety of soft pastel colours. It is hand-carved by artisans in India. The intricate pattern weaves together jungle elements like flowers and vines to create a web. For that Silver Lining touch, notice our Stoned Signature Diamond inlay into the top of the tower! The incense smoke is emitted through the holes in the carving, making it the ideal crystal cleansing station.

Every tower has its own tint and carving, and the attention to detail is astounding! Please keep in mind that their appearance and colour may differ from those seen in the photographs because these are natural objects.

We also have a beautiful glass display box with a mirrored base. The geometric shape adds great detail and a simplistic and attractive design and provides an excellent haven to put your favourite crystals in. They are 7cm deep, can be closed and are a light gold in colour. 

Find your home décor items 

We hope you can find the crystal stand that fits your needs on this page, along with other home décor items like chakra charts, coffee table books and mindfulness intention cards. 

Are you looking for the perfect way to show off your crystals, spheres or agate slices? There are a lot of exciting and unique ways to display these in your home within our range of crystal stands.

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