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Collection: Crystal Urns

For thousands of years, crystals have been treasured and used to improve and enrich our lives. Each stone has distinct metaphysical and healing properties that can have a significant impact on our lives. By working with the body's energy centres, or Chakras, crystals can help remove energy blockages and enhance the mind, body, and soul. Crystal urns are an excellent way to harness the energy contained within crystals.

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There is no décor piece quite as beautiful or classic as the urn, and our crystal urns take style and elegance that one step further. Each urn is made from a different crystal material; rose quartz, amethyst and clear quartz. Available in small and large sizes, these urns are also suitable for housing flowers and, of course, the precious ashes of loved ones (including pets)

Decorative Urns

Although they can both be used ornamentally, the difference between an urn and a vase is the tight-fitting lid. Our crystal urns are designed to include a screw-on lid to ensure they are secure. Some urns, date back thousands of years and are collector items. Decorative urns and vases are a great way to enrich your living area, whether they have a sentimental value, are employed as an aesthetic item or are made of a specific crystal. 

Buying the right decorative urn

Purchasing a new urn should be handled with care, especially crystal urns. Wherever you choose to place it, you want it to be a permanent place for your urn. Before you make that purchase, consider the following points.

When deciding on the size and style of your urn, keep the location in mind. Small urns for ashes are frequently put on a mantle so that everybody can view them. When choosing a location for your urn, measurements are crucial; nevertheless, larger urns can look stunning when set on a pedestal. It's straightforward to measure the inside space of small decorative urns for ashes, but this is also very important as you don’t want your urn to be too small. We offer two sizes – small (4.5kg, 14 x 28 cm) and large (13kg. 38 x 19cm).

You should choose colour and style in accordance with the surroundings. Our urns are very simple and elegant, made to fit into any décor style, from traditional to modern and contemporary, these. Designs are timeless. Make sure to place your urn on a levelled surface that can hold its weight, you can choose an area based on your urns purpose. A decorative urn can almost be placed in any room from a study to a kitchen or bedroom. An urn reserved for someone’s ashes might be better placed in communal areas such as a dining room or living room. 

Natural materials are a matter of personal preference, but we simply love the pristine and elegant look that crystal urns provide over other decorative urns that can lean towards being old-fashioned and can easily stand out the wrong way if not styled properly in your house. The exhibition of the earth's diverse materials can make a beautiful statement about our connection to nature. 

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We hope you can browse through our collection and find the right urn at the right size for your home.

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